Lip Service


Happy Tuesday loves. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend glowing up. Being able to re-coop for three days straight is both a blessing and a curse. Three day weekends mean sleeping in, eating well and watching TV. For most hardworking American’s, that is a very logical goal seeing as how the majority of us work over 40 hours a week. However, for a recovering procrastinator like myself that was not the plan. Laying down in the bed for three days now translates to me as 72 hours wasted! In a never ending journey to find myself and find what works best for me, I am continuously looking for new ways to enhance my beauty or fix flaws that I may have. Recently, since I smoke like a chimney and it’s been so cold, I noticed my lips had been drier lately and flat out neglected. Smoking weed always runs the risk of darkening your lips if you refuse to use zigzags like me and are loyal to the soil with a swisher.  I found a quick DIY sugar scrub on Pinterest that simply consisted of one part coconut oil and one part granulated sugar. You mix it up, scrub your lips for about 30 seconds then wipe clean with warm water and VOILA! Smooth lips again. I licked my lips and instantly felt cuter and cleaner. In all my years of smoking, or being alive for that matter, the only focus I put on my lips are when it’s time to moisturize them; I only add chap stick. In true glow up fashion though, we understand that no feature can be left neglected, especially not one on our face. This quick DIY routine will both keep your lips smooth and keep them from changing colors as you medicate. This routine however got me to thinking of how much of an impact the lips can have on your entire body and life if you allow them to. (Remember, I was high scrubbing my lips with sugar, so bear with me). The glow up is way more than just physical. It is a complete body experience. You must be in touch with yourself from your soul to your skin.

“A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips.” I’m sure almost every woman has heard this phrase at least once in her life. It’s a very self-explanatory term meaning if you don’t want to be fat as fuck and sloppy, don’t even put the food to your mouth. That one moment of enjoying a 300 calorie extra sugary donut will last for seconds. Sadly it could take you your whole life (depending on your metabolism and workout habits) to get rid of it. It’s hard for some people to resist taking a bite out of something savory that may not be good for you. Those who make the choice to be self-disciplined enough to ingest unhealthy food in moderation, if at all, will tell you that it’s hardly worth it. If we can be mindful enough to not even allow the wrong foods to touch our lips, then we won’t have to worry about the harm we may be causing our bodies just by placing the wrong food in them. We must be mindful of our lips. They are much more of a protectant than we probably know. Your lips are what your food touches first. You could eat what helps your body to grow and flourish in a healthy way or you can invest foods that make you sleepy and tired and fill you with toxins. Now, of course all of us don’t want to change our diets or even see a problem with our diets. However, if you can recall a time when you ate something that was so scrumptious and delectable but once you ate it, you immediately felt like a glutton, then you most likely can partially agree. Even if you don’t completely change your diet, one way to quickly remind yourself of what you need to eat us to simply be mindful of what touches your lips. Good foods to not allow to touch your lips include sugar, sweets, candy, soda, or bread to name a few. Your lips are also a great way to protect toxic things from coming out of you by way of language.

While we must be aware of the things we allow into our bodies via our lips, we must equally be conscious of what our minds can concoct and the words we choose to let escape through our lips. Remember the saying, “The tongue is mightier than the sword”? This phrase has proven to be true many times over. We can say things out of anger or hatred or bitterness that we wouldn’t even fathom saying in any other mood. As humans, we are emotional creatures by nature and sometimes saying hurtful things seems like the best form of communication. Now, I do not know every person’s situation individually, but nine times out of 10, if you say something mean out of anger, it could have been left unsaid. More than likely when we allow these types of things to come from our lips it’s only for self-gain, which should NEVER be a reason we speak.  We should only speak when we are spoken to, or have helpful information to convey or share with someone. Allow your lips to protect not only your thoughts and your words, but use them to possibly protect someone’s feelings the next time you get the urge to share some information that isn’t going to benefit anyone. Be mindful of the things you let past your lips because our words, unfortunately, are what sometimes define us to others. Sometimes the only perspective a person has of us are the words we have aid, even if it wasn’t said directly to them or about them. Some of us have petty bones in our bodies. Some have more than others. The beauty of the glow up though is that you learn that being pretty (inside an out) always trumps being petty. While the petty thoughts will probably never go away, let’s work on harboring those negative thoughts. All in all, as we focus on the lips, the point is, don’ let anything dirty or impure come in, and don’t let anything tasteless and hurtful come out.

Glow up season…


“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.” – Booker T. Washington

Good morning and happy Tuesday. Hopefully, glow up season is going well for you all! Luckily, life has been so consuming, I have miraculously lost some of my ability to procrastinate. I am actually, dare I say it, being partially responsible. As we know, the glow up is more than just a physical transformation. It’s an entire process that starts from the inside, deep down in your soul. You have to consistently remember to love yourself daily under all circumstances. Simple things like remembering to pray, working out daily and drinking water incessantly can make or break a spirit. We have to remember that the glow up is almost a selfish process. We have to become overly obsessed with ourselves in order for us to truly appreciate what we can offer. What is something you want for yourself right now? Is there a hobby you have always wanted to try? Go for it! Read that book, get that summer body going, start saving for that trip. You have to start somewhere. Even if your version of happy is something as minuscule as going for a walk, do that. Any goal that you set for yourself and accomplish is a victory for you. Happiness is a chain reaction. Make the choice to achieve something that makes you happy and watch the universe work for you. Maybe your goal is to go for a walk. What if on that walk you come up with a grand idea to expand your brand? What if you meet the love of your life while you stop to tie your shoe? While that may be a bit optimistic, where would we be without optimism?! The point is, in your attempt to set out to achieve your goal, you can very well have triggered your mind to take itself to a place that only thinks of accomplishing goals as opposed to judging yourself for what you haven’t done yet.

Sometimes, being the imperfect beings we are, we may find ourselves comparing our success to others’. We may question why they have accomplished so much with the same time and resources we may have had available. The truth is, some of us are just more disciplined.  We set accomplishments and the only goal is to reach them. No matter what issues are in the way, some of us are so determine to succeed, that there is literally nothing but ourselves that could stand in the way. We all have different versions of happiness and success and we should never confuse or compare our standards with another person’s. While success can be measured on so many levels, never allow your mind to be trapped into thinking there is only one way to measure your progress in life. Maybe you haven’t had the chance to accomplish your goals because you’ve been too busy strengthening your skills by overcoming the obstacles in front of you. There is no basic blueprint to life, love, relationships, or success. The blueprint is created as we go by experiencing trial and error. We get into a groove of what feels good, what makes us happy and what makes us comfortable. We learn what we like and what works for us and we stick to that. Sometimes, however, we may have to remove ourselves from a comfortable place if it begins to feel stagnant. Comfort isn’t a necessity, it is a privilege that should not be abused. It takes hard work to be truly comfortable and real comfort starts from within. It comes from being confident in yourself and your ability to make the best choices for your happiness.

We all have insecurities. All of us have them. Some of us have more than others, some of us wear them on our sleeves, and some of us do a tremendous job hiding them. Our insecurities are what make us unique though. I think they are what motivates us to be the best version of ourselves. If we didn’t embrace the things we have to overcome, we could never truly appreciate anything we accomplish. I am convinced that those people who have seemingly achieved nothing but greatness and accomplished their goals all had one thing in common; they embraced their flaws. It’s true that we all have the same 24 hours in a day. While we may not be awarded equal opportunities, for the most part, in this society, we can accomplish anything we put our mind to. Happiness is always the goal in any endeavor we go into head on. Today, remind yourself that wherever you are in life is a direct result of your work. If you want your success to be measured by what you accomplish, be proactive and learn to build and create what you want. The only way to stop progress is to do nothing. Learn to use your weaknesses to your advantage as a way to overcome any hurdles in your path so you can turn your journey into triumph. Don’t beat yourself up about where you are (or aren’t) in life. Make the decision to overcome the problems and get on your shit !

Freaky Friday


“Hello…” Brittany answered her phone with a groggy voice as she was jolted quickly out of her very comfortable slumber.

“What you doing tonight? “ Ronnie’s voice shouted into the phone before she even got a chance to say good morning. “Damn rudeness, can you say good morning with your impolite ass?” Brittany snapped at her friend as she stretched her head to look at the time on her cable box. It was 6:00 am on a Saturday morning, so she knew Ronnie was just getting off work. “Look bitch, we aren’t all hoes that don’t get in the house til the sun come up, some of us actually sleep like humans” Brittany spat at her friend, who worked all night at a strip club. “Bitch I’m not human I’m a mothafucking monster!“ Her friend joked into the phone. “The sun not even out man, how am I supposed to know my plans for the night” she responded still in disbelief that she was on the phone and not asleep. “Ok, let’s go to Tisha birthday function tonight, I think it’s in Belmont” she yelled, excited to make a plan. Brit searched her mind to recall the last encounter she had with the girl. They had always been cordial, but she remembered having a few disagreements with her so the relationship was always kind of iffy. “Did she invite you” she quizzed to make sure they wouldn’t be uninvited guests that may have to fight their way out of a crowd of hater bitches. “Yea, I seen her yesterday when I was over there chillin with O” she answered, immediately making Brittany’s mood lighten. “Oh ok, is he going to dinner?” she asked.

“OHHHH! Look at your hoe ass. As soon as I say O, you get to cheesing, I feel it” Ronnie joked knowing that her friend would be curious about his brother next. “Whatever.“ Brit answered dryly, feeling caught by her best friend. She was excited at the thought that she would see her longtime crush in a setting other than work for a change. Brittany worked in the front office at the largest weed shop in the city, and she knew almost everyone. The one person though who she was petrified to even speak to, was the mail man who came in every day at noon sharp. The exact time when she was in the office alone and had to let him inside. She would smile, buzz him in through the screen door, and stare at him while he would dig in his bag to give her the mail with his thick, smooth, caramel colored hands. He always had his headphones in, and shades on and hardly looked at her. He always smelled so good which was crazy considering that fact that he walked all day. The thought of the tall man in his uniform made her pussy instantly throb with pleasure. “Well bitch he already told me Zeek gone be there so make sure you got them titties out fa the boy ok.” Ronnie interrupted her fantasy with her reassurance.

Brittany, still not wanting to ruffle any feathers, made Ronnie called and confirm with Tisha it was ok if she brought a plus one with her. “Fine bitch, I’ll call you when I talk to her. I’m about to pull up at IHOP now, I’ll hit you later” Ronnie stated as she hung her phone up and adjusted her makeup in the mirror to have a late dinner/ early breakfast with her coworkers. Since Brittany was up, she decided to get in the shower and get her day started. She admired herself in the mirror before removing all her clothes. She tested the water of the shower with her manicured toes and slowly made her way inside. During her shower, she had thoughts of the mailman she obsessed over. She had seen Zeek around since Ronnie was good friends with his brother, but they never met formally. He was always quiet and to himself whenever she ran into him, and at work, he wore is headphones. She herself had no intention on pursuing a man after her last relationship, so the admiration stayed distant. She thought about his large hands grabbing her by the waist and having is way with her right there in the shower. She rubbed her smooth body as she fantasized about the dark man devouring her like it was his last meal. Her tiny fingers made their way to her inner thighs where she explored herself until she shivered with satisfaction. She lathered her body and finished showering so she could get ready.

She went through her wardrobe in her head as she quickly decided on a dress and sandals when she realized it was already 80 degrees at 7 am. “Man sometimes I hate the LA” she thought to herself as she used her forearm to shield the sun that beamed through her bathroom window. She dried her petite body, oiled herself up and walked fully nude to her living room couch. “Damn, it’s already 7:30?” She thought to herself glancing at the clock. She grabbed her ashtray off the coffee table and grabbed the half of blunt that was lying inside. Just as she searched for her lighter, she heard her phone buzz. She looked at the screen to see a screenshot of a conversation between Ronnie and Tisha confirming that she would be ecstatic to see them both. Brittany almost felt a sense of relief knowing she would be able to spend the night possibly stalking her crush without worrying about a hater bitch noticing. She was actually excited to go out, she hadn’t been out in months due to her hectic school schedule.

She laid on the couch still nude and lit her drugs preparing to be relaxed. She walked into her room to grab a notebook and pen to write down what she needed to accomplish for the day. She recited aloud “Nails, home depot, Groceries, and gas.” She jotted the things on the notepad and continued to enjoy her blunt as she ruffled though her closet to find her sun dress. Once she located the dress, she grabbed the matching sandals and proceeded to put it all together effortlessly. She unwrapped her hair and let her long brown curls fall perfectly around her pretty face. She added mascara to her light brown eyes for character and doused on some pink lipstick. It was almost 8am and she wanted to be in the nail shop before it got too crowded. To her surprise, she was in and out to the nail shop in no time. She finished all her errands by 11:30 which left her enough time to stop by her job to get some complimentary weed from her boss.

“Wasssup Brit,” her manager called out as he saw her walk into the building. Just as she walked in, she felt someone behind her grab the door before it could close. Before she could be startled, she realized it was the mailman. Her heart pounded wildly. He was usually on the other side of a big ass bulletproof glass counter, now, she could grab his dick the way she had fantasized for months. “Excuse me” he stated in a bold, yet very polite tone. “No problem” she murmured as she let her head hang low from shyness. “Waddup Z, what you got for me?” her manager exclaimed with his hand out to grab the mail. Zeek extended his hand to give the man his letters. “Have a good weekend bro” he announced as he walked out. “Have a good one Miss” he smiled at Brittany as she disappeared out the door. Brittany could feel her heart pounding out of her chest as she tried to hide her red face. She took a deep breath and calmed herself. She got a quarter of weed from her manager while they engaged in small talk and she left.

She got home feeling refreshed and ready to party. By the time she put her groceries away, fed herself and cleaned her house, it was already 6:30; she was supposed to meet Ronnie at 8. She decided to start getting ready, so she turned her music on and began prepping. She wrapped her hair up with a silk scarf so she could take a quick shower. She shaved her legs and oiled her body up so well. She wanted to look perfect for Zeek tonight. She had fantasized about this man for months and she told herself if she was ever in a personal setting with him, she would at least speak. She finished her shower and put on a matching lace bra and panty set. She grabbed a little black dress that fit her slender body perfectly. She did a full spin in the mirror as she admired her frame in the skin tight mini dress. She left her scarf on while she added her finishing touches to her look. As she was going through her accessory drawer, she could hear banging at her door. “It’s open” she yelled out to Ronnie as she heard her already turning the knob to her door.

“Bitch anybody could came and snatch your hot ass up, why your door open” Ronnie joked with her friend.

“Bitch, I need a nigga to come kidnap me shit, and he better have a big dick shit, I might marry that nigga” she laughed hysterically thinking about how long it had been since she had some dick. Brittany was a very quiet girl who didn’t really get out much. In her early twenties, she was in terrible relationship and had been single for the next three years. She hadn’t had sexual intercourse in over 6 months. “Girl, just go get you a fuck buddy so he can knock them cobwebs out, that’s all you need, that’s why you so mean” Ronnie was in tears laughing at this point. “Bitch tryna get some dick tonight fasho in that dress. “ Ronnie exclaimed admiring her friend’s perfect shape. “Zeek probably gone fuck you right at the table. He might think you an appetizer, shit” she continued as she eyed her beautiful friend and winked at her jokingly. The ladies roared with laughter.

“I see you early today, you look really cute got ya tits all out and shit, I see you baby” Brittany mentioned noticing Ronnie was an hour early. “Yea nigga, I’m tryna smoke first, and I don’t want my car smelling like weed, I got my shit detailed today” she retorted. “Well roll up then, I got a blunt in there you can light too” Brittany stated motioning to the living room table. Ronnie disappeared and emerged back on the room minutes later with one blunt in her hand and one to her lips. She lit the blunt and the two girls got ready. They danced around to the music, as they put the last minute touches on their looks. “Put this one on, use this color, and try this perfume.” Once the two finished both blunts, they realized it was 7:50. “Oh shit, we here bullshittin and about to be late” Ronnie mentioned. ‘Well let’s take a shot real quick” Brittany said as she walked in the kitchen to grab a bottle out of the freezer. She grabbed the clear water bottle covered in frost and walked it over to Ronnie. “Here, one for the road, “she said as she took a swig out of the water bottle. “Bitch, what is this shit, moonshine” Ronnie joked as she examined the bottle like it was poison. “Bitch I was at my uncle house and he had a big ass bottle so I helped myself, per his request” Brittany joked in a British accent. “YOLO!” Ronnie stated as she chugged the ice cold liquor. The girls took a final look in the mirror as they both pulled out their phones to capture an epic selfie.

The girls decided to ride in Brittany’s car since she had already stopped at the gas station and they didn’t want to waste any more time. The restaurant was 15 minutes form Brits house, so the girls weren’t in too much of a rush. When they got to the party, it was lit. Everyone had their best outfits on, the table had over 30 people sitting there. She girls had no idea there would be so many people there to celebrate. They were excited none the less to be out of the house enjoying themselves the restaurant was bomb as fuck. The decor was on point and they even had a huge dance floor behind the massive bar that had at least 50 beers on tap. The two were not disappointed.

They scanned the crowded facility to find their party. Ronnie noticed Tisha’s bright red hair as she pushed Brittany towards the direction of the table. The two sashayed toward the table as Ronnie walked directly toward her friend O. Brittany’s heart raced with anxiety as she hoped she would find her prince charming close by. The girls took their seats and immediately got to partying. Tisha stumbled over in her sparkly birthday dress and planted hugs and kisses on the young girls. The three took a drink together and posed for a selfie before O hopped up and pushed them all toward the dance floor.

Brittany was having so much fun. Just as she could feel herself getting just drunk enough, she looked own to notice her heel strap was loose. She made her way over to the bar to sit down and adjust herself. She planted herself down on the bar stool and ordered an Adios while she bent over to fix her shoe. As she raised herself up abruptly, she bumped right into a young lady whose elbow was hovering near Brittany causing her whole drink to spill.

“Oh my God I’m so sorry!” the young girl exclaimed so apologetically. Brittany couldn’t help but to smile at the beauty in front of her. The girl was drop dead gorgeous. She had brown skin, brown eyes, and perfect plump lips. Her tits sat up perfectly in her strapless top and her flat belly was the perfect frame for her wide juicy hips. She literally had never seen a woman so beautiful in her life. She had to blink hard to bring herself back to reality. “Girl it’s no problem, I’m so clumsy” Brit responded knowing that it was partially her fault the two collided. The young lady introduced herself and started conversation. “I’m Lily, girl your hair is bomb, what you use?” she quizzed admiring Brit’s perfect natural curl pattern. “Nothing much, it’s been curly forever, it’s like second nature now you know” she answered nonchalantly. “Well it’s perfect, you’re so pretty, I saw you were here with Tisha right?” she asked. Brit took the compliment loosely as she thanked the girl and continued with her drink. “Yea, I came with my home girl, I knew her from high school” she answered. Lily and Britt talked for the next few minutes when her attention was broken by a man walking up. Her pussy got drenched when she caught glimpse of Zeek walking towards her. She thought she was tripping, but she saw him looking right at her. She tried to look away as to not seem desperate, but it was no doubt he was walking right up to her. She tried to keep her cool as she saw him approach the two of them. She remained silent as she admired him make his way to her. Lily was facing Brittany so she couldn’t tell what she was looking at. Just then, she noticed him smile and stretch his hands out. He placed his fingers across Lily’s eyes and whispered “Guess Who?”

Brittany’s heart fell to her feet. She didn’t even stop to ask Lily how she knew Tisha. “Hey baby” Lily smiled as she turned and faced Zeek. “Z, this is Brit, Brit, this is my husband Z” Each word hit Brittany like a bullet. She looked at the couple and couldn’t help but think how perfect they looked. They were both so fine. She adjusted her legs as her pussy throbbed at the thought of the couple fucking. She knew she had too much liquor and needed to get out of there. “Hi how are you?” Z extended his hand out to greet her. “I’m good, thank you.” she answered as she shook his hand then calmly turned her head away in anger. She turned around on her stool while the couple spoke. She wanted to be mad but couldn’t be. Lily was the prettiest person she had ever seen and definitely one of the coolest people to talk to. They talked for a whole hour without even noticing; no wonder she had this God of a man. She scanned the restaurant floor to find her friends. She smiled a she noticed Tish on the floor on top of her aunt and Ronnie. She turned to say good bye to Lily and her husband so she could get away from him before she exploded. “It was good talking to you girl, hopefully we bump into each other again, what’s your number?” Lily asked all in one sentence. Brittany put her number in her phone and walked away swiftly to join her friends.

She danced with her friends and had more drinks but couldn’t stop thinking of the couple. She was obsessed with Zeek and never stopped to think he may have a girl. She caught glimpses of the two at the bar laughing and joking. She finished her last drink and decided to go home. Ronnie decide to ride home with O, so Brit said her goodbyes and made her way to the car. Just as she was exiting the building, she noticed Lily heading her way. “Hey girl, you leaving” she asked in a friendly tone. “Yeah, I’m out.”

“Girl I wish I could leave I’m so ready to go but Z ass still running his mouth. I will walk my ass to the Lakewood mall ok.” she joked not wanting to wait for her man.

“Oh you right up the street, I can drop you off at home if you want? I don’t mind, I hate driving alone so it’ll be nice to have the company” Brit announced. “Ok, lemma get the keys from Z.” She watched her leave and come back in less than 60 seconds. The two girls got to Lily’s house in no time.

“Girl make yourself at home, kick your shoes off whatever. I really owe you for spilling my drink on you, so here you go” she said as she emerged out of the kitchen barefoot with a bottle of Patron in here hand. “Oh, I see you lil mama, you ready for the turn up.” Brittany smiled as her new friend handed her the whole bottle like an excellent host. The two took turns taking shots straight from the bottle. The girls laughed and joked so much they cried tears. “Girl, did you see that one bald dude in there tryna trick all the hoes?” Lily jokingly asked as she stood up to mimic the man. “Girl that nigga was dancing like this” Lily joked as she limped around like the hilarious old man from the club. She bumped the coffee table and caused a bottle of water to spill all over her dress. “Ah shit, lemma change” she laughed.

“Where’s your bathroom” Brittany asked in between laughs. “Follow me” she stated as she made her way down her hall. She walked her into her master bedroom and led her the restroom. “Here use this one, the other one is tripping. She closed the door and used the restroom. When she came out, she walked in on Lily topless changing into a t-shirt. “Oh sorry girl,” Lily announce trying to hurry and put her shirt on. “Damn, your body is perfect” Brittany uttered in an almost embarrassing tone. She was so pretty she was amazed. “Thanks girl, got to drink that milk” she laughed as she flexed her fake muscles. The girl’s laughter was interrupted by the front door. “Oh Z, must be home. I totally forgot he was coming” she joked. Brittany’s heart raced. She forgot that fast that her dream man was married to this beauty in front of her. She looked at the perfectly made bed and imagined what it would be like to have sex with him on the bed. She snapped out of her fantasy when she realized he was in the room. “Wassup, I gotta blunt” he said, “Wow, y’all smoke” Brit regretted asking the question right a she said it. “We do it all” Z smiled at her. Brit began to make her way to the living room to smoke. “Ay, we can smoke in here.” Zeek said calmly motioning her toward the bed

Lily plopped across the bed and motioned for Brittany to sit next to her. She felt awkward standing in the room with Zeek and his wife, especially since she wanted to fuck him. Her mind raced as she hoped and prayed the couple couldn’t tell how nervous she was. She sat down and got comfortable. Zeek grabbed a lighter and sparked the blunt. He was a charming guy; Very respectful, smart and sexy as fuck. He was so attentive to his wife, even with Brit there he was affectionate.  The three finished the blunt and continued on the bottle of Patron. They laughed, joked, told stories and let the liquor take control.

“Damn, its 4:30 already, we damn near finished this whole bottle” Zeek exclaimed as he noticed the last shot left.” He turned the bottle upside down as he swallowed the last of the liquor. His wife grabbed the bottle and smiled. “Let’s play spin the bottle” she mentioned in a soft tone. Brittany’s heart raced. She wanted to kiss Zeek so bad. The combination of the liquor, his voice and staring at his perfect wife had Brit ready for action. She kept her cool and answered calmly “Spin the bottle? Like kids?”

“Yup,” Lily responded as started the game without notice. She twisted it and it landed on Brittany.  Brittany’s heart raced. She tried to remain calm as she nervously looked away and pretended not to notice the bottle. “Come here” Lily said in a soft tone. Brit looked at Zeek and noticed his seductive smile. “Are they swingers, is she gay, she let him cheat, what the fuck is going on?” she thought. She didn’t want to kill the vibe, so she just kept her thoughts to herself and allowed the liquor to take its toll.   She puckered up for a kiss. It was the first time she ever thought of a woman sexually let alone kissed one. The kiss was sweet and juicy. Her soft lips tasted like cherries and tequila. “Mmm. Tasty.” Lily whispered as she grinned. “Now you spin,” she smiled to her. Still high off the kiss, Brit blushed uncontrollably and giggled as she shook her head no.

“I’ll go” Zeek interjected. He grabbed the bottle with his large smooth hands and Lily giggled. Brit’s pussy throbbed wildly. She wanted to kiss him so bad but she loved the kiss from Lily. She was so confused yet so entertained she couldn’t stop. She watched the bottle, anxiously praying it would land on her. BINGO! The tip of the bottle was pointed directly at her pussy as she sat with her legs crossed. He licked his lips and made his way to her. He grabbed her face softly kissed her as he guided her down to the bed. She could feel Lily rubbing her leg and it drove her crazy. “Omg, what the fuck is happening!” she wondered to herself, enjoying every second of the feeling. This man she had fantasized about for months was about to fuck her and so was his wife! She allowed herself to be free and live in the moment. He placed tiny kisses on her shoulders as he made his way down, pulling the straps down from her dress.

She felt Lily’s soft hand creep up her leg and make its way to her soft pussy. She flicked her finger back and forth while Zeek devoured her sweetness. “You having fun” Lily interrogated seductively knowing Brit wouldn’t tell them to stop. “I love it” she answered as she looked at the couple. Lily continued to rub her clit while her husband used his tongue to go to work on Brittany. Lily crawled up to meet Brittany’s face and kissed her again. She stuck her finger in her mouth and prompted Brit to taster herself. She listened and moaned as she felt the sweet juices drip down her lip. She fucked Zeek’s mouth as he planted wet kisses on her woman hood. He ate her until her orgasm made her shake. “I want see you taste her” Zeek said to Brittney as he eyed his beautiful wife. He grabbed a handful of Lily’s ass and tongue kissed it as he told her to roll on her back. He grabbed Brits waist and positioned her on all fours with Lily’s perfect pussy in her face.

He shoved his big dick up her pussy without warning and she yelled in ecstasy. Lily grabbed her curls softly as she directed her soft face to her flesh. Brit was surprised at how good she tasted. She licked and sucked on her click like it was a jolly rancher. She could feel lily’s leg shaking. The back shots from Seek were almost unbearable as he pushed his huge body in and out of the little frame. She could hear her moist pussy gushing every time his dick moved in an out. She continued to focus on eating Lily’s pussy as she could feel herself about to nut. She fucked Zeek back as she felt herself explode and fall onto her stomach.

“Oh she can’t take it daddy” Lily laughed as she rubbed her curls and smiled. “Y’all some freaks” Brit giggled trying to gain her composure. “Yup” Lily said as she positioned the girl on all fours on the bed. Zeek got up and positioned himself at the foot of the bed. Lily climbed on the bed directly behind Brit and placed both hands on her ass. “Damn” Brit moaned.

Zeek gripped Lily’s waist and slowly pushed his dick in her fat pussy. He enjoyed the view as he watched her eat Brit’s pussy from the back. He had one hand on Lily’s waist and one on Brits ass.

Brit was in complete heaven as she laid in the bed with the couple as thy pleased her, she watched Lily spit and slurped and sucked on her soft kitty until tears swelled up in her eyes. Just as she was about to nut she could feel Lily squeezing her ass tighter. She was about to nut too from Zeek fucking her so well. The two girl screamed in ecstasy as they nutted. “Shit, I’m about to cum” Zeek announced still pounding into his wife. The two girls both eager to make sure this king enjoyed himself to the fullest both assumed the position on their knees at the edge of the bed. He yanked his big dick in excitement as he felt himself exploding and shot his load on the faces of the two beautiful girls. He hurried to grab a t-shirt so the girls could wipe their faces. Brit ran into the bathroom to pee and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled so big it made her lips hurt. She splashed water on the race and walked out to see Zeek on the bed and lily walking back into the room from the hall restroom. “That was fun” Lily smiled with her bubbly personality. “Yea, you guys are fun.” Brittany replied, so excited that she decide to take her home that night. “Well, it’s late, thank all so much for everything but I need to go. ” she said as she gathered her things. The couple smiled at her and thanked her for time and politeness. “Want to smoke before you leave” Zeek quizzed her. “Yup,” she answered as she plopped down on the couch and waited for him to roll up. Lily ran her fingers through Brittany’s hair as they patiently waited for him to finish rolling the weed.

Prayer for my People


Father God, I come to you with a grateful and humblehearted spirit. I want to thank you first and foremost for the opportunity to thank you. I woke up this morning able to think and articulate my feelings and I appreciate you for allowing that.  We live in a world that is constantly changing and evolving. We live in a world of uncertainty. Thank you for continuing to us show we can rely on you.

I want to pray for love, protection & happiness over my people. You created us in your image to be resilient, perseverant, intelligent and strong. I thank you for allowing us to be such prime examples for beauty and excellence in this society. I pray you continue to help us thrive. Continue to educate our men and women so we know how to mold young children into fantastic adults who make a difference in this world. Please help us come together and appreciate each other for our differences. Help us to remove our judgmental spirits towards each others differences and learn to embrace them. We all bring something different to the pot and I appreciate you for providing an avenue for our greatness.

Our queens are so resilient father God. You have built us with the ability to adapt in the most uncomfortable and undesirable situations. You instilled in us the capacity to love others more than we love ourselves. I love my queens God. Even when we disagree with each other, there is never a doubt or question about the beauty, importance and significance that is the black woman. You allow us to educate our children, love our husbands, appreciate our friends and respect ourselves. With the temptations of the world Lord, I thank you for allowing us to maintain our place on the pedestal you have created. Please continue to help us learn to comfort our husbands and be their peace. Allow us to know love so unconditional that it will never be questioned by the ones we adore. We continue to be revolutionary examples in every aspect of society including fashion, engineering, education, entertainment, and most importantly motherhood. Please continue to fill us with the spirit of love and nurturing so we can continue to thrive as we raise our babies.

Our baby’s father God are so important. They are the future of our communities. They will be the leaders of our world and I pray you help us to guide them down the right path. I pray you protect them from the lies and horrors of the world without crippling them. Help us build strong women who understand the importance of submission. Our daughters need to understand the many avenues and opportunities they can have and I pray we continue to encourage them to learn how to make the best decisions for themselves. Help us create young powerful men who understand the importance of discipline for their success. Help us teach our men the importance of loving our women and treating them like the queens they are.  Our Kings are so important and I pray you help us mold them from day one to be the kings you create them to be.

One of your most valued, underappreciated and feared creations. Lord I pray for our Kings. They have so many obstacles to face in this world. They have to provide, discipline, love, work, be examples, and serve you at the same time. I pray for strength and focus in our Kings. We desperately need them to lead us and our community to greatness and happiness and I pray you protect their spirits. Protect them from any temptation in all forms. Continue to make them the example of complete strength in the world. May they love their wives entirely and appreciate their families. Please fight off the backlash, and hatred, and judgments that are thrown their way. Fill them with the spirit of discernment so they may protect us from anything that is not for us.


Thank you for everything Lord. Amen.

New year, same me


Good afternoon, happy Sunday and most of all, Happy New year! So far, this year has whizzed by me quicker than I anticipated. I haven’t posted since last year, but the glow up is still in full affect. Today is the 22nd of January, that’s means if we consciously tried it, we could have already developed or broken a habit at the top of the year. Luckily I started to develop my habits in December since I procrastinate all the time of course. But we are still working on that 🙂 I spent the first three weeks of the year in deep, deep reflection. I spent the last month of 2016 releasing and the first three weeks of 2017 recouperaring so to speak. Today, I do realize nothing will come to you unless you work for it. A “new year” is really just on the calendar. We woke up the same, went to the same jobs, had the same homes and breathed the same air. The logic though is what gets us sometimes. Our minds see a new beginning and it feels promising and new.

We think that because it’s a new year or we have a new opportunity or are in a new place everything will magically happen how we want it to. The truth is , you don’t get what you want, you get what you work for. I had to learn that the hard way. I’m still learning actually and it’s invigorating to say the least . Right before I started what I call my “glow up” Last year, one of the parents of a student and I connected at school. When I first laid eyes on her in her fancy suit and jewelry I was immediately enamored at the black girl magic. Once we started to have causal convo, I realized She was old enough to be my mom and educated enough to teach me a lot ! She and I linked this year and sitting with her was more than a breath of fresh air.

Don’t get me wrong, attempting to create a new friendship , especially after how many friends I lost last year, made me skeptical. However , I had to remember a piece of advice my sister gave me and that is “You have to listen. Don’t be scared to reach out to people you admire and ask them to mentor you.” When the woman and I met , her name is Dawn, she suggested yoga and bike ride. It was a new experience to sit with someone who was so accomplished and had lived everywhere in the world and raised children. To be honest, I almost felt ashamed that at 28, my stories about life couldn’t possibly compare to hers. However, I found a way to not only keep up with her conversation but to actually realize she and I were very similar. I allowed her titles and degrees and years on the earth to almost make me nervous to speak to her. I realized it’s because I think I know everything and don’t wanna hear shit from anyone. That’s harsh but it’s true.
I know I make mistakes and we all do, but I had always been one of those people who didn’t like asking for help so she figures it out, even if it almost killed her. Yea, I was that girl. We all know the mantra tho “glow up season” right !? We all start somewhere and the best way to fix your flaws are to face them head on. Spending the day with her did prove to teach me things people around me may not have been able to.

Long story short, surrounding myself with new friends and ways of thinking has already proven to be more than helpful. As much as I write, I hadn’t read a full novel in over 8 months and realized that when She and I discussed books. I called myself healthy or fit , but I didn’t have a meal plan or a specific diet I follow. I was able to see a big part of why I fail at things I attempt are due to my poor planning skills, or lack there of.
Not beating myself up at all, I know that there are different equations that can get the same answer; this was just very refreshing to meet someone who could teach me a new way of thinking. Once I realized I was a writer who didn’t read regularly , I knew I had a problem to fix thah could be fixed quick! That week I went to the library and checked out 4 books, 2 novels and 2 self help. I read one of the novels the first day which helped tremendously with my writers block. Just seeing the style of writing and how the authors story flowed was inspiration for me to create.

Part of the glow up process is accepting who you are and what you have to work with. You can only do as well as you know. Once you know better you do better. The trick is knowing what new things you need to learn or understand what experiences you must go through to grow. A lot of us have dreams and hopes and desires and feel stuck and don’t know where to start. I was there before. I would never have thought I would be almost finished with an entire novel, raising kids, and working on myself a year ago but I pulled it off miraculously. When I had nothing at all, I still had my faith. That’s never dwindled. Now I understand when I get stuck in life or feel like something is in my way, complaining will do nothing but bring more of that energy towards me. We must condition ourselves to learn to take a step back to look at the bigger picture and all options for success. You want to be a writer ? Write everyday until you can’t think straight. You want to be a dancer ? Every time you hear music allow your body to move freely. Want to be a chef? Get in that kitchen and start experimenting! We all have to start somewhere and we can never feel bad if we need to get back to the basics and start from square one. It took me losing friends and meeting new people to understand all life is, is a cycle. People come they go they stay they leave but each day life goes on according to Gods Plan. If your mind is made up that the glow up is going to happen, don’t let being broke or losing your man or feeling stuck stop you. Do whatever your heart tells you to do and if you have issues on how to start, just get back to the basics of who you are and start from scratch.



Good morning loves and happy Monday! I have seriously been contemplating creating a second blog, or at least find a way to differentiate my blogs from my book excerpts. I haven’t decided on just what to do yet, (“surprise surprise!” says the queen of procrastinating) but right now, I have decided to let you lovely readers decipher and pillage through the blog as you see fit. Maybe some of you want a story and some tea, maybe some of you need motivation. For now, we have a one stop shop!

Any who, today I woke up feeling so anxious this Monday. The anxiety is coming from every direction; the urge to finish my nook, the urge to move, the urge to just get my life back in the motion that makes me most happy. I think the anxiety, for myself personally, comes when I feel like I am not being who I want to be; who I really am. Honestly, lately I have been more in touch with my true self, who is a wild person, with a mean attitude who doesn’t give a flying fuck about what anyone has to say. It’s hard to be that person when you are a mother and everyone expects you to be a certain way. You know what, fuck everyone and their mouths. Crass as fuck, I know; again, this is literally who I am. Writing that sentence felt so natural to me. Not giving a fuck about anyone’s reactions due to my words comes even more naturally. Again, this may seem insensitive, or just out of place, but this is who I am. I am a person whose mind goes in a million directions at one time. Some may refer to me as extra, clingy, petty, or downright crazy. I will admit, at some time in my life, I have worn each of these titles as badges of honor. I completely understand why a person would think those things of me, because at times, I think them of myself. The irony, however, is that the same people that may call me these names, or even the people that may have called you those names, may think the complete opposite of themselves. My reasoning however is, “It takes one to know one”.

Hear me out: The anxiety, I can’t lie, is due in part to the things that have transpired with my life this year. I hurt people and was hurt by people. It’s life, but as humans, life can overwhelm us. So my anxiety, well this day particularly, is coming from what others have said about me based on what I have done. The gag is though, no one ever wants to tell the whole story. I am not too sure how I have been manipulated to believe that any actions on my behalf were ever intentionally to hurt anyone. When I do feel this though, sadly this isn’t the first time, I always go into “guilt mode” and try my hardest to make things right. I am that extravagant person who doesn’t mind putting their pride to the side in order to make things right. However, today, I had to really dig deep and realize, I don’t give a fuck how I make anyone feel. I know my heart and any situation I get myself into, the other people know the deal as well. I wonder what makes people scared to tell the whole story. I don’t mind telling how much I hurt a person, or how I made a terrible mistake that may have crushed someone or that I made a fool of myself to try to right my wrongs. I understand how God and his actions work and anything I deserve I will get, and vice versa. But once you start to feel like your actions are being taken in vain and you are literally begging for a place in your own story, that’s when you need to open your eyes and man the fuck up. Granted, not all people are as stupid as me. Not all of us let their guilty conscience take over their mind, thoughts, words and actions. Again, this is the year of reflection people, only a few days left of the bullshit. I am working through it, so bear with me.

I have found out that a lot of women get called crazy for the shit we do. We live in an age of technology where if you are thirsty enough, you can get any information you feel you may need for whatever reason. Men judge women for acting crazy after a break up or when they get a new relationship, but what I have learned this year in particular, is that MEN are a lot crazier, thirstier, and fucking pettier than women! Can you believe it? I have been called crazy this year, the fucking irony is that the mouths that word came from, have done some downright unforgivable things! Now I can laugh at them, which I do every day. Since I am in a fabulous mood, there is no need to go into details, but you know what the hell your petty asses did!

I have accepted that law of attraction. If you act crazy, guess what you will attract? Crazy! The theory is so simple yet genius! I met a person and when I asked him what was a deal breaker as far as women, his exact answer was “I Don’t do crazy.” Months later I realized, he didn’t do crazy because he was crazy, but that’s neither here nor there. (*sips tea). I will never say that it’s cute or even acceptable to be crazy. I know the trouble it has gotten me in, I know the consequences of my crazy actions or words or escapades. There is always a choice to make a fool of yourself or remain classy and graceful and let the negative energy pass you by. It’s not always an easy choice to make. I hardly make the right choice to be honest.  It is not something I enjoy, however, it is a flaw of mine that I have learned to live with and now I am working through it. I am able to curb the actions at time, but like any beast, when the right buttons are poked, there is no stopping you. So, to all of my crazy women, let’s make a vow today to chill. Even though you made a mistake or are upset at someone, let’s be selfish. Let’s just say fuck you to everyone. If a person doesn’t want to deal with you, say fuck you too. If a friend doesn’t want to deal with you, say fuck them too. If a person who doesn’t honestly have a direct effect on the outcome in your life and happiness has problem or issue with you, guess what? FUCK THEM! We can be crazy, but let’s learn to be crazy about the shit that matters, like ourselves, our health, our careers, our family, our hair! All the energy we use being crazy can be channeled in such amazing ways. Turn your phone off (If you are an addict like myself) some days and look at a book. Go for a walk. Organize your home. These things are so simple, but they use just as much energy as we use being ridiculous, but in a much more productive way. So this was a quick rant for our Monday. A tiny sip of tea and a huge dose of reality can go a long way. Have a great week loves! Choose to be the shit!

Freaky Friday


Happy Friday dolls! Thankfully we made it through another week, so let’s celebrate. The frustration however is beginning to settle and the writer’s block is becoming more annoying. I know why I have writers block, it’s because I refuse to stop thinking about a specific situation. Is that a good choice? Say it with me class “No!” I have woke up in pure anxiety the last few days and I allow it. In true freaky Friday fashion though, the thing that can usually make me focus is what the topic will be until I find some clarity. Now, love, is such a controversial word. There are a million definitions and 2 million disclaimers for love. I guess to me, love has to feel like 90’s R&B to be real. So, Fridays will be dedicated to my love story, a story of true butterflies, lust and downright attraction; Lenny and Mila:
Lenny woke up before Mila the next morning. He got up to go pee then jogged back to the bed to avoid the piercing cold air. She felt him get back under the covers and she cuddled back under his arm like a new born baby. He smiled and kissed her as he stared at her perfect face. He lay there staring, remembering the first time her ever saw the beautiful girl.

“Yo L, you tryna roll with us to the city today? Shay home girl having a little function” Brian asked his friend as they sat on his giant balcony drinking beer and shooting the shit. “Where at?” Lenny asked as he waved his hand in front of him to make the smoke from Brian’s blunt disappear. 

“My fault yo” Brian laughed as he helped his friend fan the smoke away. Brian smoked like a Rasta, but Lenny never smoked. He never even tried it before, but strangely, he gravitated towards stoners. Possibly because of his cool demeanor. “It’s at a park in Long Beach, you ain’t doing shit nigga, just come” Lenny didn’t have any plans this particular Saturday. His only goal was to avoid his annoying ex who could not get the hint about how annoying her antics to win him back had become. They broke up two weeks ago and she had been calling him every day with bullshit. She even popped up at his house in the middle of the night trying to get him to talk to her. Leaving the city for the day actually sounded smart. 

“I’ll go, when y’all leaving?” 

“Shay in there getting ready now, I’m already dressed.” Brian said looking down at his fresh Chuck Taylor’s and cargo shorts at the same time. “Oh nigga that’s why you got your Sunday shirt on? You tryna look cute today?“ Lenny joked as he popped his imaginary collar. “You see me NIGGA?!“ Brian smiled at the joke. 

“Shayyy that shit started at 1, and its 1:30. NIGGA we live an hour away, bring your black ass!” Brian screamed into the house from the balcony to his woman. Just at hay second, Shay emerged from her room with a perfectly put together twist out, and a long green maxi dress with some leather sandals and gold hoop earrings. “Nigga calm down, I’m ready” she responded. “Lenny rolling too?” She asked as she grabbed her purse from the table.  “Yes ma’am” he answered as he sipped his beer. 

She made her way to the balcony to grab the blunt from Brian to take a few drags. “Ok look at mama getting turnt today” Brian joked since she didn’t usually smoke. “Yea, I need to pregame I’m already knowing Mila ass about to be lit so I wanna enjoy myself too” Shay explained as she took a long drag and coughed before letting it go. 

“Let’s go baby” she said to Brian as she walked back through the living room to the front door. “Well I guess that’s our cue” Lenny said getting up and fixing his basketball shorts. He looked at the large mirror in the living room and adjusted himself. He smiled as he admired his own perfect chocolate face and white pearly teeth. Lenny was a nice looking man, but his smile was out of this world. His teeth were so white and his plump lips set his smile off perfectly. Brian put the blunt out in the ashtray and grabbed his jar of wed and stuck it in his pocket. “I don’t mind driving since I’m third wheeling” yelled out Lenny as they three made their way to the parking structure of their building. “Good, because I’m tryna get faded. Stop at the liquor store let’s grab a bottle,” demanded Brian.

Th three of them piled into Lenny’s brand new cocaine colored Camaro. He sped out of the structure and made it to the corner store in less than 4 minutes. The two men hopped out together and decided on a fifth of Patron. “So what’s the party for, is it shorty birthday or what?” Lenny gauged to get a clue of the environment he would be in. “Yep. She having a picnic at this park. Chill shit. ” 

“What she look like” asked Lenny, now curious at who this cool person was. Brian smiled and responded “She a baddie bro.”  Lenny grew even more curious about the girl. “Yea what’s her deal?” Lenny asked as they exited the store with bottle in hand. Lenny hopped in the driver seat as Brian got in asking Shay “Yo, is Mila still with Nikko?” “I don’t know what they situation be baby, I’m just going because I was invited I don’t pry” she answers as she scrolled through Instagram on her phone. “What she look like though Shay” Lenny interrupted. “She’s pretty, you’ll see her.” Shay said calmly with a smirk.

Lenny was confused at why he was so eager to see her. Shay said she was pretty but Brian said she was a baddie. He wanted to see what she looked like. He was trying to get over a girl so in true nigga fashion he was ready to be in another woman’s presence as soon as possible. He secretly hoped whatever NIGGA they were referring to was long gone. 

“Damn they turnt already” Shay smiled and said as she showed Brian a picture from Instagram of the party in motion. Lenny looked over at the picture admired the bevy of beautiful women. “Damn, if she taken I’m def gone pull one of these other hoes” he thought to himself as he admired the beautiful women in the picture. “Damn pink shorts, I see you baby girl” Lenny laughed as he found the prettiest girl in the picture and got immediately attracted. She was perfect. Shay and Brian both laughed as Brian cracked open the bag from the store. “Don’t open the bottle before we get there Brian that’s tacky”  Shay retorted. 

“Nigga I got manners we bought a personal for the drive, mama ain’t raise no fool!” Brian joked as Lenny laughed out loud. “Gimme my shot too nigga” he joked with his hand out. “Excuse me, how come y’all get to drink and drive this is not right” Shay joked as she tried to grab the bottle from Brian to get a sip herself. “Uhn uhn mama, you said you on a diet so no calories for you!” They all laughed as Shay socked his arm and muscled the drink from him. Lenny plugged his phone in the auxiliary cord and let his music blast through the speakers of his Camaro. The way Lenny drove, the three made it from Moreno Valley to Long Beach in 45 minutes, a drive that usually takes about an hour. 

They pulled up to the park and found a place in the parking lot luckily. Shay was the first to hop out as she adjusted her dress and fixed her lip-gloss.

“Shayyyyy” she heard a familiar voice yell out “hey Rikaaaaa!” She yelled out as she noticed her friend waving from the grass. Brian and Lenny got out of the car immediately after her. “Aye lemme run to the restroom real quick” Lenny said spotting the bathrooms across the parking lot. He walked casually to the bathroom. As he walked up, he could hear a lot of commotion.  

“What the fuck is wrong with you! Why can’t you have some respect!! Got damn nigga!“ He heard a woman’s voice screaming.

“Man, FUCK all that noise! I do what the fuck I want man. I said I’m sorry and if you keep hassling me Ima sock your bitch ass! You need to keep your mouth shut! That’s why your bitch ass gotta headache now because you always running your mouth! ” 

“No, I have a headache because your drunk ass threw me into the wall last night!” she yelled with her finger in his face. 

Lenny listened to the argument from the other side of the gate near the bathroom. He didn’t want to interrupt but he definitely didn’t want to let a girl get beat up. He decided to go inside to pee and just listen in case she needed help. 

“Bitch I’ll black your shit right now! I’m not gonna stop drinking and if I wanna act a ass, that’s what Ima do!” He yelled out at the top of his lungs. He walked up in the girls face and stared down at her. She was so petrified she didn’t move. “Man you need to just leave you always ruin some shit!” She demanded. Before she could finish her sentence, his hands were around her throat. Lenny could feel the bathroom wall shake. He finished peeing and walked around to the back of the building where he heard the commotion to find a girl on the floor with her head in between her knees. 

“Yo, you good baby girl” he walked up to her and asked. The young girl was so embarrassed she didn’t want to look up. Lenny got down on both knees and gently placed his hand on her back. “You good ma?” He asked softly. With her face still in her knees, she reached her hands under her legs and wiped her tears. She couldn’t believe she was on the ground crying in front of this stranger. “She lifted her face up and replied “Yes I’m fine.” Lenny stared the girl right in her eyes and was stuck. She was beautiful. “I just wish I could be rid of him,” the girl began “I can’t believe how stupid I am. I let him treat me like Shit man, I can’t believe myself” she said as she wiped her face gain and tried to gather herself. Lenny listened calmly and didn’t take his eyes off the girl. “I don’t know how I’m in this situation.” The girl continued. Lenny had no clue what to do or say. He just stared at the girl and listened. He grabbed her elbow to help her off the ground. He helped her dust the back of her pink shorts off and peeled a leaf off her leg. “Watch out now” she smiled as he peeled the leaf off her juicy thigh.  Lenny laughed out loud at the joke. “My fault kid” he laughed. Just pray baby girl, God sees all and he heals all. Just pray, you’ll be good. But are you ok?” he quizzed as he looked at her red throat, genuinely concerned about her physically.  “Yes I’m fine, thank you so much.” She smiled at him as she finished adjusting herself and rubbed her neck with her left hand that was perfectly manicured with a giant gold ring on her middle finger.  

The two walked away in separate directions. Lenny walked back towards his car to grab the pack of gum he forgot. He couldn’t believe that the girl he saw in the picture was the one he had to help. It almost compelled him to sit in his car and pray for thanks. He popped a piece of gum in his mouth and placed the pack in his pocket. He scanned the park to find his friend and walked over to him at the party. Just his luck, as he walked up to his friends, pink shorts was sitting on the same chair as Shay smiling and talking to her. “Oh, hello again” she said as Lenny walked up. “Hi” he smiled at her. 

“Again? How you know him?” Brian quizzed like he had to find out. “We saw each other near the restroom” Lenny answered. “Oh ok, so all met perfect now let’s have drinks for the birthday girl”

“Oh it’s your birthday?” Lenny asked like he finally found the key to a door that he needed unlocked. “Yours truly” Mila answered as she threw her hands in the air. “I’m Mila by the way” she explained as she stretched her hand out for a shake. “Lenny” he said as he shook her hand. “Well enough small talk, let’s fucking portyyy” Mila said with a ghetto girl accent. “Did I hear portyyyyy” their friend Rika walked up with a red plastic cup in her hand ready to toast the birthday girl. “That’s what I’m talking about, let’s turn up” the party was amazing. There were about 60 people there. Mila went all out, she had a DJ, food, and even a kickball game going on simultaneously. Lenny enjoyed meeting the new faces and he was even able to network some for his business which was always good.

As the sun went down, the party slowly wound down with it. Her guests slowly dispersed one by one as the crowd grew smaller. Mila was cleaning the tables off as the remaining party goers helped her remove the decorations and break the tables down. “Shay thank you so much for coming down, I appreciate y’all!” she gushed as she squeezed her friend with all her drunk energy. “Anytime baby girl, now we got to drive all the way home, blah! And I didn’t even give you your damn bottle, Lenny can I see your car key?” Shay requested so she could get the bottle for her friend. He walked over to her and dropped the keys in her hand.

“So how did you like your party birthday girl?”  Lenny probed trying to start conversation. “It was fine aside from the incident earlier” she admitted.

“That’s your nigga?” He quizzed trying to get clarity. He was smitten with Mila’s beauty but he was smart enough not to get involved with a girl in a lingering relationship.

“Nah, it’s my ex we just always going back and forth, you know how that go”

“You too pretty and smart to ever be disrespected Queen” Lenny said to her as he stared right in her eyes. She returned his gaze and said “I know.” Shay walked up just in time to break the awkward conversation.

“Girl we didn’t even touch this bottle and the sun just went down, what time y’all gotta go home? Y’all got a curfew or is yall grown or what?” She asked with a slick grin on her face. “Look little ratchet” Brian walked up starting to joke with the girl “we didn’t drive ok so we on Lenny schedule you been drinking all damn day, you think you still got room? I mean I got some weed how turnt you tryna get?” Brian quizzed. “Umm nigga it’s my birthday this shit don’t stop none! It’s a bar around the corner and they have a pool table, who tryna get they ass whooped!?” She asked confident that she would continue to celebrate her birthday. “Well as a gentleman I couldn’t let you drive anywhere, so either get in my car or give me your keys” Lenny interjected with a straight face. “No one drives my car” she smiled at Lenny. “Girl give me the damn keys and Lenny you follow me” Shay laughed as she snatched Mila’s keys from her back pocket. “Shay you know I love you so I’m not gone complain but let’s get blunts too please. Can we stop at the store please Lenny?” “Sure princess” he answered. Lenny guided Mila to his car as shay and Brian found Mila’s brand new Porsche Truck parked across the lot. “That’s your car?” Lenny asked her as he admired the beautiful car across the lot. “Yup that’s my baby right there, please protect her!” she yelled across the lot to Shay. “What you doing with a car like that” Lenny quizzed, wondering how this beautiful young girl was rolling around in his dream car. “I bought it, duh” she smiled at him as she admired his car. “But you got the juice and the squeeze with this one here! “She said as she slid her fingers across the hood of his coke white Camaro. “Just a little something something” he laughed as opened the passenger door for her. “Such a gentleman” she thought to herself but didn’t say it aloud. “Thanks” she cooed out as she cozied into his beautiful car. She kicked off her sandals and got comfortable immediately. He revved the engine up as he peeled out of the parking lot ready to continue celebrating with the beauty.

Lenny was shook out of his entranced thoughts as he felt Mila wiggling in his arms. “Good morning baby girl” he smiled down to her as he kissed her forehead. “Good morning daddy” she answered as she smiled at him. “Can I have some dick, please?” she said with a big grin in a voice like a baby.

“Oh damn, I know what you been dreaming about” he said as he felt her reach into his draws under the cover and grab his whole dick in her tiny hand. “Mmmm, that’s what I want baby” she said as she disappeared under the cover and took his whole dick in her mouth. He was so surprised. He loved how nasty she was for him. He got comfortable and enjoyed the treatment as she went to town on him. After a few minutes, he grabbed her shoulders and yanked her up to his hips. He positioned her on top of him and she slid right onto him. It felt perfect to them both. She bucked up and down like crazy until she came all over his dick. She slid off of him slowly as he rolled her over, “un uhn, daddy not done” he said as he pushed his hand into her back to arch it to capacity. He grabbed her hair and shoved his dick right into her wet pussy. He loved how she felt. He could hear himself going in and out of her sweet flesh. He felt himself climaxing as he began to thrust harder and faster.

It turned Mila on so much she started to cry as she gripped the sheets for dear life. She felt him explode into her as their juices dripped down her thick thighs. They both rolled off the bed as they gathered the covers and set them to the side to wash. She jumped up to kiss her tall man on the cheek. “Race you to the shower?” she said as she dared into their bathroom. He laughed as he chased behind her. He smacked her on the ass and started the water so they could get their day going.