Love yourself.



Point blank.

Before you expect anything from anyone, make sure you are willing to give yourself that same energy. Never let history determine how things end. Take control and create what you deserve for your life. Fuck all the bullshit.





Today I was a few minutes late to work. Working downtown LA, I decided to take the train instead of sitting on the 110 freeway for sixty minutes just to travel ten miles. Today, however, that may have been a sufficient alternate to the train. Not only has the summer been showing out this week with record breaking weather, it decided to make an early cameo this morning. By the time I was on the train, and I’m no meteorologist, I’m sure it was at least 100 degrees. If it wasn’t being packed on a train with dozens of other people made it feel that way. With that being said, the wonderful train conductor decided to keep all the air for himself, leaving the patrons to fight for whatever clean air was left on the train. After what seemed like an eternity, I survived and made it to work . I immediately began to complain about the train when I got off, though. I found myself talking shit until I got all the way up to the surface streets. In one instant though, I remembered a time when I didn’t have the means or a reason to come downtown. I am grateful to save gas by driving (or in this case, getting dropped off by my magnificent husband) to the train station and getting escorted to the place that provides for my family. I am so grateful to have that alone time to reflect on my night and mentally prepare for the day . Sitting in traffic would give me awful anxiety and even caused my mood to be tampered once I was finally out of it. I am grateful that I am in the position to save gas, time and my insanity by getting some much needed me time in the mornings.


Ya’ Smell Me?


To be honest, I would have never used the term grateful when referring to a smell. Smelling something just comes as a second nature, like hearing a sound or seeing a bird fly by. I witness the action, but I don’t actively acknowledge it. With that being said, one smell that I will be eternally grateful for is the smell of a home-cooked meal. Let me be more specific. The smell of a home cooked meal prepared in my home, by myself. This time last year, I didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. A lot of you don’t know that , for many reasons. The main one being it wasn’t anyone’s business. Mostly, I was ashamed. Who wants to admit that they can’t provide for themselves? I didn’t admit it, I took it in stride, with the smell of stale fast food for a three month period. When I finally found a place, I told myself that I would never eat fast food again. While I may have  bent the rules a little bit after a long day, I am proud to say that I cook a hot meal at least 6 days a week, in the comfort of my own home. The smell of freshly seasoned food has made me more grateful for the fact that I have a home than anything else. Some days, I will literally cook a full meal just to let the aroma soothe my soul, make plates for everyone else, then put the food away on an empty stomach. The smell of a home-cooked meal is unparalleled to any other smell I can think of at the moment. I am truly grateful.

Ego Trip.


Fall to your knees and submit to my being.

Straight like that, my foot is down and I won’t move it.

Are you my biggest fan? Baby, you have to prove it.

Show me what you would do if you had the chance to love me.

Would you take your time and see how that goes?

I bet you’ll make my toes curl; you look like someone who already knows…

You don’t even have to touch me. My presence is enough to fulfill you. I love that shit.

I want to see you work for it. I want to learn you.

Passion, respect, and trust. Baby, I’m tryna earn you.

I’m willing to drain myself to feed you. Come get a taste.

This is some good shit I have to give you. Never a waste.

I’m trying to pray for you. I’m trying to protect your heart.

I’m trying to be your peace. I’m going to play my part.

After you worked a double shift in the freezing cold and you need to eat;

I’m tryna be home in my lingerie with a hot meal ready to rub your feet.

“Tell me how I can make it better, baby, come on and confess.”

Gimme all that good shit you got to offer, not a drop less.

Crave me with all you have, because all I know is giving.


I want you to thank God that he blessed you with this gift.

Someone to mend and mold like clay until it’s YOUR perfect fit.

Be thankful for me and my flaws.

Be grateful that God allowed you to carry me.

You. Better. Recognize.



“Fuck you Quick, I’m out!” Keisha pressed end on her screen until her thumb went numb. “I hate this nigga,” she mumbled under her breath as she adjusted herself in the seat. She reached into her leather Gucci bag to grab a shot she had saved for takeoff. Her phone buzzed and she saw the message on the screen;

“Fine, go be a fucking hoe, don’t worry about me!”

A sly grin spread across her face. “Niggas live in their feelings, ” she giggled to herself as she leaned back and prepped herself for takeoff. Her earbuds were blasting Drake’s “Nice for What” which was the perfect theme song for her weekend of solitude. She felt her phone vibrating again, but decided to turn it off, so she wouldn’t kill her buzz.  Once the the plane pushed back, she allowed her mind to drift away into the clouds. She had never been to Atlanta, but a change in scenery was just what she needed.

Keisha opened her eyes feeling like a new woman. The southern view out the window put her soul at ease. She peeled herself from the chair and completely stretched her body to circulate her blood. She switched her thick hips from side to side as she made her way off the plane and to her luggage.

“Damn, they grow them like that in LA!?” She heard a country accent from behind her?

She turned around to be greeted by the finest man she had ever seen in her life. Her mouth immediately began to salivate as she took his looks in from head to toe. He had brown skin and a neatly trimmed afro. He wore a huge cold chain with a diamond encrusted crown. His crisp Sean Witherspoon Air Max were a dead give way that he was a money making nigga. Keisha smiled as she continued to peep his gear. Keisha had always been a woman who loved nice things. The young man’s swag was screaming at her as she admired his shiny Movado watch as his hand rested near his Ferragamo belt.

“Hello there,” she grinned and accepted the compliment. “And to answer your question, no, I’m one of a kind.” The young man began to visibly blush as he heard her stern voice.

“Ok ok shawty, I’ll take that. They call me Doza, whats your name beautiful?”

Keisha could hardly contain herself at the sound of his accent. The southern charm rolled off his tongue and made Keisha feel giddy. “Nice to meet you Doza, you can call me Keisha.” When she stretched out her soft hand for a shake, he turned it to the side and slowly pressed it against his lips. “My pleasure baby girl.”

“Dozaaa!!” A voice yelled from behind. They both turned to see an older heavyset woman pulling a suitcase behind her.

“Hey auntie Mary, I told you I wasn’t going to be late, ” he mentioned as he scooped his short aunt into his arms. “We missed you !” Doza explained.

“Chile hush, yall ain’t miss shit but my cooking and cleaning. Get this here bag so we can go, my feet killing me honey. Scuse me baby.” She looked up at Keisha and apologized for interrupting.

“Aunt Mary, this is Keisha. Keisha, this is my favorite aunt, Mary,’

“Honey, don’t let him lie to you, they treat me like a maid baby, he only came to pick me up because I’ve been gone all week and I know they haven’t had a home-cooked meal,” The two women laughed in unison.

“Is this true Doza?” Keisha laughed as she finally saw her bag coming around on the belt. She leaned over a to grab it, but Doza beat her to the punch.

“No, it ain’t true, my aunt likes to tell stories sometimes, don’t mind her, it comes with old age,” Doza grinned as his aunt popped him in the back of the head.

“Ok honey, don’t make me tear that ass up, you never too old!” The three began to die in laughter as she joked in the middle of the airport.

“It was nice meeting you baby,” she said as she switched her big butt away. “Is your driver outside?” She quizzed her nephew with a beautiful smile.

“Yes ma’am, in the usual spot.”

“She’s such a nice lady, ” Keisha said she tried to grab her bag from Doza.

“Not so fast my dear, where’s your ride? Where you staying?” Keisha could tell he was eager to keep talking to her by how he kept questioning her.  “Damn, you work for the feds or what?” Keisha joked. They both chuckled as she continued with a smile, “Nah, I’m just here on a little vacation for myself. I never been to Atlanta and decided to bring myself. I’m staying at a hotel.”

“Word” Doza side eyed the young beauty assuming she was meeting a nigga in Atlanta. Keisha screamed glamour, even in her casual attire. She wore a skin-tight pair of Hudson jeans with a casual loose t-shirt. Her Red bottom stilettos made her ass sit up like a stallion. Doza was getting hard just looking at her.

“I just wanted to do something new and different,” Keisha reached into her purse to power her phone back on as she walked next to Doza. She ignored the 6 text messages from Quick and ordered an uber so she could get some rest. “Maybe I might run into you this weekend.” Keisha grabbed her bag from him as she waited near the curb for her ride.

“Boy, come on! Give that young lady your phone number or ask her on a date so we can get to the house.” Aunt Mary hung out the back of an SUV taunting her nephew. His aunt was a bold woman and he loved her for it. Blushing by now, he turned to Keisha with a grin, “Let’s make sure that happens, whats your number baby girl?” She grinned and recited the numbers off like a poem to him. “I’ma lock you in and call you baby girl,” He gently kissed her hand as he prepared to leave her. “Talk to you later doll face.” He pinched her chin lightly and winked at her.

Keisha was blushing. She knew she could get a nigga in her sleep, but the vibe of Doza was something she wasn’t used to. His demeanor was completely different from the LA men she was used to entertaining.

When her uber arrived two minutes later, the driver hopped out the car to assist her with her bags. “Damn, is ever nigga in Atlanta fine like this?” Keisha said to her self as she rolled her bag toward the trunk.

“Hey, baby, how you doing today? Let me grab that luggage honey.” Keisha was immediately taken aback when she heard the sweetness in his voice. “Damn,” she laughed to herself. “Hey boo, I’m good, just tryna get settled in so I can enjoy the city!”

“I heard that baby, Let me get that for you, I’m Dirk, by the way, ” he used his smooth chocolate arm to open the back door for Keisha. “Watch them red bottoms honey, I see you bleeding these bitches,” he joked as he slammed the door and hopped in the driver seat. “So we going to the Marriot? Ok, fancy pants!” Keisha couldn’t contain her self and laughed out loud. She had only been in Atlanta for 20 minutes and she was already loving the southern hospitality.

“I’m just trying to enjoy myself a little bit, I’ve never been to Atlanta.” Keisha scrolled through her phone as she listened to the flamboyant driver entertain her. He was like her own personal tour guide.

“Oh honey, you gotta go to Pappadeux, that’s the best restaurant in the city honey, you gotta try that. How long will you be here?”

“I go back to LA Monday afternoon.” Keisha’s phone vibrated just as she was about to get into the conversation. She pressed ignore when she saw Quick’s second line calling her.

“Oh, no wonder you all Hollywood, it’s in your bones girl. You have any friends out here?” the colorful driver continued to make small talk.

“I know a few people, but I’m on a solo trip.”

Dirk continued to pry, “I know you must have a man right?” He made the statement like a question. Keisha chuckled a little as she looked at her phone one more time. This time, it was a text from Doza that said: “ayo Miss. Doza, lock me in.” She obliged.

“Well, I don’t have a husband, so I guess that makes me single, right?” Her face was beautiful, even to Dirk who was clearly playing for the same team as her.

“Girl, you have got to meet my brother. He would actually be the perfect person to take you around the city. Take his number down just in case you feel like giving a nigga your time cause I know how it is to want to be to your self, baby, trust me!”

Dirk’s attitude put Keisha in a fabulous mood. She loved to be around energy that matched hers. People who loved life and didn’t give a fuck about who it bothered. She also figured since he was so fine, his brother must be something to look at.

“Sure, whats his info?” He driver pulled up to the Marriott about 5 minutes after giving her the number.  “Thank again Dirk, I’ll see you later !”

“I know you better call my brother honey, enjoy your self in my city. Ciao boo!” With those words, he waved his manicured hand while his charm bracelet dangled. He pulled off with his poked out lips and Keisha turned to walk to her into her hotel room. She tossed the number in the trash on the way inside the door.

The lobby of the hotel was like a movie set. Atlanta was the black Hollywood, everyone was in their Easter Sunday best. “Hi, I’m checking in, please. MyKeisha Powell.” The receptionist was a caramel skinned girl who was in her early 30’s. Even in her uniform, you could tell she was stylish. Her jewelry was perfectly in place and her nails matched her uniform to a tee. Keisha loved the Atlanta vibe and couldn’t wait to take it all in later that night.

“Odd be happy to help you, mam, let me tike a luck, huh.” The young girl’s accent was so thick, Keisha could hardly understand her. The two girls made small talk and Keisha grabbed her key and made her way to the room behind the bellhop. Once she made it, she rushed to the restroom to wash her hands and pee. As soon as she opened her phone for entertainment, Quick’s name popped up on the screen.

“Yes, Quick.” Defeat filled her voice as she finally decided to talk to her estranged beaux.

“Damn, Why you gotta be all dry like that? You’re the one that went to Atlanta without me? How you got an attitude?” Quick was genius at flipping the issue onto Keisha. He had her devout loyalty for the past three years, and he still refused to commit to her. He loved Keisha to death, but he wasn’t ready to let go of someone else who still had his heart.

“Quick, I told you about this trip in October, remember? I gave you plenty of time to get prepared to come with me. Why do I have to stop my life to accommodate you? I also told you if I find out that you were still talking to your ex that I would have to reevaluate us as a couple. I’m sick of the bullshit. I want to have a good time, so miss me with the drama!” Keisha was surprised at how easily she was able to go off on Quick. He was her weakness. They were not an official couple, but they both knew they were in love. Keisha wanted more but didn’t want to pressure him, so she decided to take some time to herself to reflect on their relationship. They argued for the next two minutes before she decided to block his number all together so she could enjoy her trip.

After settling in and taking a shower, she ordered room service and smoked a fat blunt she had stashed in her makeup bag. There was no way she was going to take her chances on the dirt they may have had to offer in Georgia. “God blesses the Cali Kush,” She said as she laid nude across the soft bed puffing her backwood.

She snapped pictures of her room and surroundings and posted them on her Instagram. After playing around on social media for about an hour, she decided to get dressed and call the dude from the airport. He answered immediately and noticed her area code. “Wassup Babydoll!?”

Oh this nigga must be about his bread,” she thought when she realized he recognized her 310 area code. He sent her the address to a lounge where he and his friends were supposed to be celebrating for the evening. She decided to get all dolled up for the country gentleman. They talked on the phone for about 20 minutes before hanging up. Doza was a gentleman and Keisha couldn’t wait to party with him.

He sent her an uber and she was at the venue in less than fifteen minutes. He called her as soon as they pulled up and requested she meet him at the front double door. She smiled at how easy Doza made things. His heart almost dropped when he saw her voluptuous frame busting out of her red spaghetti strap dress. Her stiletto heels accentuated her legs perfectly and her bright red lip made her the sexiest woman in the room. She wore a cute bob haircut that made her look like a million bucks, before taxes. “You’re a sight for sore eyes girl,” Doza embraced her with both hands and let his hand slip onto the nape of her backside. “Mmm, you smell good,” he announced in her ear. He grabbed her hand and made her twirl so he could get a full view of her assets.

“Thanks for the invite, this is dope. Y’all know how to do it big in the ATL I see, ”  Keisha announced, as she gazed at the popping scene in front of her. The two made their way to Doza’s section where she was introduced to all his friends.  They wasted no time buying the lovely outof-towner drinks and getting her acclimated to the culture. The DJ played Migos, TI, Drake, and all the latest hits to keep the mood going. Doza could hardly keep his hands off Keisha. A stranger would have thought they are a couple, by the way he was tending to her, “You need a drink shawty? Let me get this dance, watch yourself, you want a water?” he was very attentive with her. “This is amazing, I’m so glad I called you!” Keisha announced, still vibing out to the music. She posted her night on her SnapChat story and all her friends blew her messages up asking about Doza. They all wanted to see who this nigga was that had her smiling, that wasn’t Quick.

She ignored all the messages. Doza made it impossible for her not to be all in his face. He made sure he was close enough to her to be protective, but far enough to give her the space she needed. He had even given her a little space when the random niggas tried to spit game. Keisha was smart though, it was obvious that Doza was the main man, so she wanted to hook the big fish and ignore the peasants.

Keisha noticed her phone read 2:00 am. she couldn’t believe how quickly the time had passed. “Damn, I been sitting down drinking this whole time,” when the thought crossed her mind, she knew her head would be spinning as soon as she stood to her feet.

“She took a huge gulp of water and used Doza’s hand to help lift herself up from the lounge couch. “Shit,” she said aloud as she stumbled trying to get her footing on point.

“Woah shawty, you aight?” Doza’s warm hand caught her by the waist and helped her stay balanced.

“Oh, I’m feeling good, I need to mellow out some.” Keisha smiled as Doza and the who knew at that second,  they were going to make love. He bit his lip at the sweet smell of her perfume. His hand crept to her ass cheek and rested there as he tried to help her stand still.

“I don’t want you to think I’m taking advantage of you baby, but you want me to help you get back to your room?” The crowd wasn’t winding down anytime soon. The music was blasting, and there were strippers at each table clapping their asses and collecting their rent money. Keisha loved the vibe, but she knew her limits and didn’t want to get sloppy drunk.

“Boy, I’m coherent enough to know what I’m doing, now help me back to my hotel since your ass got me out here all drunk,” she playfully punched his shoulder as she held on to his foreman. She watched him say goodbye to his friend and the two maneuvered their way out to his this car.

“Here you got P.” Doza handed a young fat kid a crisp one hundred dollar bill and he handed him the set of keys. They walked few more feet to find his brand new all white Jaguar truck. He opened the door with ease and waited for her to get all the way in to gently close it.

Oh he about to get all this pussy,” Keisha’s mind raced to her self with a sly grin. She leaned over to open his door. Before he pulled out of the parking lot, she had retrieved a pre-rolled blunt from her MCM clutch handbag.

“Oh you a real one I see,” Doza joked at the around the way girl.

“Hey, you can take the girl out the hood….” she laughed as she said the quote and passed him the blunt. He coughed on the first drag causing her to giggle. They were at her hotel in less than 10 minutes.

She didn’t bother inviting him up, because he already knew she wanted him there. Once they were inside of the room, there was no doubt that the chemistry was real. She kicked her shoes off and immediately got comfortable, pouring them each a glass of champagne. Doza didn’t give her the chance to get comfortable before he had his hands wrapped around her waist.

“Come here baby girl, ” he demanded as he pulled her down to his lap. He used his thick wet lips to plant a sensual kiss on her. Keisha hadn’t been kissed like that since she was a teenager. Even her on and off again boyfriend Quick didn’t take the time to kiss her that way. He used his fingers to rub the spine of her back and squeezed her body pats gently. He let soft moans escape his throat as he enjoyed the sweet taste of her tongue. She opened and closed her legs, and he could hear her juices marinating underneath her tight dress. He took her movement as an invite to dinner, so he obliged. He gently leaned her back on the bed. He used one finger to move her panties to the side while he gently buried his face into her crotch. He used his tongue to lick up all the moisture her body had let out. He planted loud kisses on her like he was in love. Her toes were curling and she felt her climax coming when he shoved his neatly trimmed finger up her crotch.

“Uhhh,” she gasped for air abruptly, but relaxed when he got in this groove. He knew exactly what he was doing and she was grateful because she needed it badly. He continued to chew on Keisha’s happy place until he felt her cream run down his smooth lips.

She could hear the vibrations from him moaning into her pussy. When he felt her body shaking uncontrollably, he slid on the condom without her knowing. Mid-lick, he shoved his huge dick into her tight hole. She screamed and nutted at the same time.

“Oh my God,” She felt like his huge dick stretching her walls out. “Omg, its so big Doza!” She whined as she tried to move her hips underneath her body to get comfortable. His dick was all the way inside her stomach at this point. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter as he thrust harder in and out of the young girl.

“This shit good girl,” Doza kissed on her body and tried not to climax. Keisha was clearly a grown woman about her shit. She showed off her skills clenching her pussy muscles and twisting her hips on his dick.

“Fuck!” Keisha knew that noise anywhere, he was about to cum.

“Uh huh,” she protested, using her weight to get on top of him without pushing him out. She maneuvered her hips and went to work on his dick. “All this good dick, I gotta treat it right,” Doza’s eyes rolled back as he heard the words. He opened his eyes to see her sliding  on and of his thick dick. Both of their bodies were in perfect unison as they continued to submit to each other’s needs. Doza felt Keisha shaking again and knew it was time for him to come as well. He blew his load in one swift motions and slowly peeled himself out of Keisha. They enjoyed a shower together before laying back in the bed to smoke and talk.

“I like you girl, when you coming back to see me?” Doza quizzed as she rubbed her smooth shoulders with his thick smooth hands. His gold bracelet dangled lightly against her skin causing goosebumps.
“Shit, I gotta get my stacks right and I’ll see what I can do. I had a blast with you!” She admitted as she flipped the TV on to ESPN. He used his long arm to grab his jeans. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a rubber band stack.

“Book it, baby,” He tossed her three thousand dollars and smiled. They locked eyes before they were interrupted by the phone ringing.

“What the hell they want,” Keisha said with her face twisted, noticing it was 4:00 am.

“Yes,” Keisha answered confused.

“Aye baby, come down here.” Keisha’s heart dropped when she heard Quick’s voice. She sat on the bed like a statue, holding the phone in one hand, and the cash in the other.




“What the fuck was I thinking having a baby with this dumb bitch?”

Malik thought to himself as he heard his baby mama yelling through the phone about some irrelevant bullshit. It was Friday night and she was trying to get out of the house and he was not trying to help her.

“You call this phone every fucking weekend with the same drama! Get a life bitch!” he shouted at her, mad as hell that she was bringing down his high. He yelled into his iPhone as he ended the call so the music could blare through the auxiliary cord again. It was a Friday night tradition for Malik and his best friend Michael to sit in the car at his grandma’s house and get faded. They would both meet there as soon as they got off work equipped with drink, weed and hilarious stories about the week before. A tradition that Malik was not about to let be ruined or interrupted by his annoying ass baby mama.

“This bitch must have a radar on to see when a nigga feeling good and find a way to fuck my shit up.” He shook his head aggravated that he allowed the young girl to kill his vibe. Michael laughed out loud at his frustrated homie and even more at how true it was. Malik’s baby mama hated when he had fun. She felt like he ruined her life by getting her pregnant so she did everything in her power to make sure he was miserable too.  Michael continued to chuckle at the situation when the phone rang. He showed Malik the screen of his phone with a slight grin on his face. His baby mama was calling him since Malik refused to answer.

“Hell naw!” Malik announced as he shook his head in complete disgust.

Michael laughed as he passed him a blunt that was already in rotation. “Hit this shit here phonk and you gone be good, don’t even let it kill your vibe.” He handed Malik the blunt and watched as he inhaled deeply. He held the smoke in his lungs and let it out slowly.

“I swear man, having a baby with this bitch had to be the biggest mistake I ever made. FUCK!” Malik exclaimed getting mad at himself all over again. He had to turn the music up to get his head back to reality.

Lil Wayne’s “No Ceilings” mix tape came oozing through the speakers calming his mood again. He reached into his short’s pocket and handed Michael a navy blue medicine tube full of weed. Michael popped the top on the tube as he took a deep sniff and let the aroma of the weed take his mind exactly where it needed to be. “You got another blunt?” he asked.

Michael reached in his hoodie and grabbed a pack of diamond swisher sweets that had one blunt left inside.  He pulled the blunt out of the pouch and emptied the contents out of the window.  He pinched off a little over a gram of weed and broke it down onto a 10 dollar bill that was in the middle console.

“Shot up nigga,” Malik dared his friend simultaneously while rolling the weed. “Turn up nigga!” Both young men laughed as they could feel the mixture of the drugs and the liquor taking full effect on their systems.

The music stopped as Malik’s phone went off again. “Bitch” read across the screen. He pressed ignore and decided to block her from calling all together so he could finish enjoying his evening with his home boy. The two young men shared the spliff and listened to the music as they sat in the driveway talking and catching up.  They each continued to take shots of the tequila, both up to 5 shots each by this time.

“What you got lined up for the night phonk?” Malik quizzed as he browsed through Instagram on his phone. “I’m tryna get into something nigga.”

Just as Michael was about to answer, his phone rang and a large grin spread across his face.

Malik could tell it was a booty call. He knew his homie was about to get some pussy and he was trying to get some too. He started scrolling through his messages trying to see if he could text a bitch and get some pussy before the end of the night. He literally sent three texts to three different women saying “Yo“. They all knew what it meant because he had trained his women very well. He trained them to give him what he wanted when he wanted it. He could hear his friend as he was typing on his phone…

“Shit I’m over here in the city posted with Leek, what you got goin … oh word?.Shit where yall at….?”

Malik grew excited inside knowing that his friend was about to come through for him with a bitch. He didn’t want to show how anxious he was though so he kept focusing on his phone, liking pics on InstaGram. He scrolled past a picture of Miracle Watts and his mind wandered for a second. “Damn if I could get this bitch alone, I bet I could get her to have my baby” he jokingly thought to his self, knowing how good he was in the bed and how he could make any woman do what he asked. He could hear his friend getting louder in the background again.

“Oh shit that’s wassup, can we pull up over there? Where her spot at?”

Malik knew that he and his friend had locked in on some plans which was perfect because he had just got a fresh cut and was dying to let someone see it on his perfect 6’2 caramel colored frame.

“Oh niggas get real happy when they about to get some pussy,” Malik joked assuming his friend needed him to be a wing-man.

“Nah man, I’m about to go smoke with Keema at her home girl house. You remember Dayna right? ”

Malik searched his memory trying to put a face or a body to the name that he heard. “She went to Roosevelt right?” He inquired desperately trying to visualize the young girl. “She was a little older? Yea I remember her, we can sag.”

Malik knew he didn’t have any plans, but he also knew that he was trying to get some pussy tonight. It was still early so he decided to just chill with his friend since they were having such a great night already.

“Bet. She stay in Paramount, near the movie theater.” Michael motioned as Malik turned the key in the ignition.

“Ok cool,” he responded just as his phone vibrated with a text message. He had forgotten that fast that he had contacted three other ladies trying to get some pussy and within those 5 minutes, one responded with two simple words: “come through”.

Malik smiled with arrogance as he thought about conquering this girl before going to relax with other beautiful women. “Yo, ride with me around the corner real quick, this lil bitch tryna get cracked real fast,” he laughed aloud with his best friend like hyenas. He showed him his phone since the girl was eager enough to send a picture of herself playing with her pussy to the phone. “You wild Leek!” Michael roared in excitement as he slapped his homie a high five and enjoyed the peep show. Both young men laughed aloud as they drove around the corner to meet the fresh young lady who was ready to give herself to Malik. He was just ready to get his nut off so he can get his night going.

“Aye you got a pill?” Malik asked Michael nonchalantly as if he was asking for a piece of gum. The young boys loved to have enough energy to drink and party nonstop without the inconvenience of being too drunk to enjoy, so, coincidentally, they discovered Ecstasy.

His friend dug into his pocket and grabbed a plastic bag stuffed with two blue dolphin pills. Malik popped one in his mouth and squinted his face in disgust at the terrible taste of the Ecstasy pill.  He didn’t care though because he knew it would make him fuck the girl like a porn star. He could make her scream and cum and even tell him she loved him and he wouldn’t even be sober enough to care. He took another swig of the tequila as his friend parked in front of the girl’s house.

“Be back in 30,” Malik laughed as he hopped out of the car and jogged to the front door.

Michael laid his chair back and rolled another blunt. He grabbed his iPhone and turned on World Star Hip Hop as he waited for his friend to finish his fun so he could go meet his date.

Malik & Dayna


Malik and Dayna were absolutely head over heels for each other in no time. They were literally polar opposites, but somehow, they found a way to make everything work out in a way that made everyone happy.

“In two miles, exit onto Laurel Canyon Blvd,” The navigation system interrupted the music blasting through the speakers of the car as the couple dashed through the streets on their weekend escapade.
“We got here pretty quick,” Dayna announced through her perfectly painted pink pouty lips. She had her hair straightened and it hung down to her belt buckle. She wore a skin-tight red strapless dress and tan strappy toe heels to keep the outfit simple yet sexy as hell. She passed the blunt to Malik as they listened for the next part of the directions.
“Man, just turn the bitch off and read the directions, she keeps interrupting the fucking song, ‘I don’t want you to gih you the wrong impressionnnnnnn‘!” Malik jokingly mocked the future song that was playing in the car. Malik and Dayna were on their way to a birthday celebration for their mutual friends. The two realized, very quickly into the relationship that they shared a love of partying and having fun. Although they were polar opposites, she was very quiet and shy while Malik was the life of the party; the two had a balance that no one could understand. The duo looked perfect tonight; it was the middle of the summer, so Dayna was able to show off her body and. She had her body oiled up with St. Ives lotion and Cocoa butter gel to let her skin glow in the moonlight. Her face was so pure and hardly had any makeup on it, just some pink lipstick, mascara and a little bit of Nars orgasm blush to add a dramatic effect. She wore big diamond stud earrings that sat bright in her ears behind her long cascading hair.
“Nigga, you need to let Future sing his shit and not butcher the homie art like that” Dayna joked as she admired her man singing the song with one hand on the wheel and the other caressing her chin.
“I want love and affection,” the playful and inebriated boy kept singing at this point enamored by the beauty of his girl. He locked eyes with her as he jokingly serenaded her and realized that she was truly the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on. “OK, I’ma shut up, but when you see me on the dance floor tonight singing to the old bitches, don’t come try to be in my face, ok?” Malik jokingly asked knowing he would be dancing all night and the only people who would tolerate him were their friends hilarious older aunts. “Ok daddy, you can sing to me, since you love me so much,” Dana smirked art her man as thoughts of pleasuring him right in the car entered her mind. “How much further is it?” Malik quizzed about the venue as he wanted to smoke another blunt before they went inside. Before he could mention the blunt out loud, he heard his girl breaking down a white owl and adding weed to the grinder. “The real MVP,” he thought to himself.

“It says we only about 10 minutes away, just go straight up and turn at the light, did you wanna wait to park to smoke?” Dayna questioned her handsome man and she looked up into his perfect brown eyes. She couldn’t believe how good he was looking tonight. He had just got a new haircut and the lineup was out of this world. He wore a crisp white tee shirt and some khaki colored jeans with fresh white air force ones. He wore a gold watch on one wrist and a gold link bracelet on the other wrist. His big diamond earrings fit perfectly on his well-chiseled face. His cologne was Issey Miyake and the pheromones secreting from him had put Dayna completely in the mood. She licked her tongue out of her mouth as she thought of the things she wanted to do to him and the little amount of time they had.
“Spark it beautiful,” Malik stated breaking her trance As soon as she heard the command, it was time for her to start her show. She turned the music up to capacity and let her seat back a little bit. She lit the blunt and hit it once, then passed it to her man. “You don’t wanna smoke?” Malik asked confused as to why his girl passed the blunt so soon. “I wanna smoke another pipe.” Dayna started with the look in her eyes. The look that Malik knew all too well; she wanted some dick. She unbuckled her seat belt and positioned her knees in the chair so her ass was facing toward the window. She stretched over the middle console and licked him on his neck, careful not to smear her lips on his new t-shirt. “My baby so fucking nasty, I love that shit,” Malik thought and grinned knowing he would have a happy ending before his night even started. He helped Dayna unbuckle his belt as she positioned herself over his lap. He grabbed her hair back for her while using his knee to steer the car. Once his pants were down and Dayna was situated, it was time to start the party. He hit his blunt with one hand, controlled the car with his knee, and used his free hand to smack Dayna on her ass that was literally facing the ceiling. The impact of the hit made Dayna moan while he was still in her mouth. She spit on his manhood and shoved the entire thing into her mouth. She moaned and gagged on it the way he liked it. She knew just how he liked it, and more importantly, how to make him climax seeing as how they had somewhere to be in less than 20 minutes. She continued up and down on him like a professional, careful not to ruin her hair, makeup or his clothes. She could feel him rubbing her pussy from the back and that turned her on even more. Malik was in heaven and could feel himself getting higher from the mixture of drugs and amazing sex. “Baby I fucking love you!” Malik exclaimed as he cruised down the street noticing he was pulling up on the venue soon. He turned down a back street and parked the car so his girl could get her groove going. “Here baby hit this for daddy,” Malik commanded handing the young girl the burning blunt. She lifted her head and smiled and she pushed her hair out of her face and sat back to take a quick break. Malik reached over and pushed her seat back and demanded she lifts her leg up. Never one to argue, she obliged and proceeded to get the best 2-minute head any girl can ask for. He tongue kissed her clit like he was in love with it. He planted big juicy kisses on her as he played with her nipples through her thin dress. “Get out the car,” he whispered to her. She opened her door and walked around to the hood of the car. He bent her over and lifted the back of her dress up. “Wait Leek, someone might see us!“ She whined realizing they were parked in a residential neighborhood. “Fuck them, you mine,” he answered in a serious, yet sexy tone. Dayna could not resist. She bent over and let him enter her right outside and she loved it. After less than ten strokes, Malik reached his climax, pulled his thick dick out, and shot his load onto the ground in front of the car. She went to the car and reached in the back to grab her overnight bag where she had wipes. She wiped herself off and gave one to Malik.
“Leek, you a perv.” She giggled at him as he sat back in the driver seat and adjusted his clothes. Dayna grabbed her lipstick as she concentrated in the mirror to make sure there was no evidence of her actions written on her face.
“Yea I am, but that’s coo baby cause you like it,” Malik responded with a huge grin. He knew Dayna adored him and his exhibitionist ways. He had taught her so much about herself sexually that she had no intention of learning. He showed her what it meant to be sexy and love yourself and be appreciated by a man who adores you. “Boy, you know I love you so much. You wanna finish this blunt?” she asked realizing they put it out halfway through their session.
“Spark it mami,” Leek responded as he grabbed the flask from the glove compartment and took a swig of the warm contents.
“Woo!” he shouted after the liquor made its way into his system. He passed the flask to his girl as they finished the blunt and contemplated on the party. “I’m so glad we decided to get a room out here,” Dayna started “I’m already drunk and I am not tryna drive home at all”.

“Man hell yea, I been needed a little getaway anyway” Malik agreed with his girl realizing they were always at home. Once the blunt was out, Malik started the car as it peeled off down the street. They were less than two minutes from the party. As the two were pulling up, they surveyed the crowd for familiar faces. “Oh shit, Janny came out with his new little bitch” Malik joked noticing a friend of his with a new girl. “Oh, I didn’t realize he had a girl,” Dayna responded trying to be nosey and see who their friend was with.
The couple parked, took one last look at them in the car mirror and headed into the party like nothing happened.