The Man… ?

The warm air hit Victor’s face with comfort as he stepped out the shower. His potpourri filled the room with fragrance as he inhaled deeply to enjoy the warm aroma.
“You one fine ass nigga,” he smiled into the mirror as he gripped his chin. “Wassup Nigga?” he answered the phone as it rang, breaking his concentration.  “I just got out, I’ll be dressed soon, I’m gonna be there, don’t worry my nigga”
His conversation ended as quickly as it began. Victor was always the life of the party and tonight would be no different since the celebration was for his cousins birthday. Once he made his way to his bedroom, he noticed the fifth of Remy that was half empty.
“Damn, I’m gonna need a refill,” he expressed as he placed the bottle to his lips and took a huge gulp. His playlist put him in the mood as he admired his outfit hanging in the doorway.
Being newly single, he relished the time he got to spend alone without getting nagged or questioned. He stood wrapped in his towel and admired his brand new Adidas and the outfit he chose for the night.
“Ooh, wee, ” he chanted as he popped the tags on his brand new Versace jeans with the matching t-shirt.
Victor meticulously put each piece of clothing on as if he were a surgeon. He made sure everything was in place from his shoelaces to the tags on his shirt. His calm skin was outlined in gold jewelry from his wrist, neck, and fingers. Victor was feeling himself tonight.
“There you go, boy!” He exclaimed to the mirror as he retrieved a blunt from his stash. Before he could make it all the way to his couch, there was a knock at the door.
“It took you long enough,” the young girl answered as soon as the door swung open.
“Damn, you not even gone greet a nigga?” he laughed as his sister rushed past him swiftly.
“Sorry big head, I need to pee, I’m almost ready though, I just need to fix my hair,” she mentioned as she rushed into the restroom and shut the door.
“You was just about to miss this weed,” Victor sat on his bar stool as he lit the fat blunt in his fingers and joked with his sister. She hated smoking but didn’t mind that he did it.
“Boy, hurry up with those drugs so we can get the hell out of here, the party started at 8,” his sister yelled as she finished up in the bathroom. “You always high, yuck!” she joked as she waved her hand in her face to rid the smoke.
“Aww, I still love you, Marie!” Victor exclaimed as he blew kisses on her cheek with smoke coming from them.
“Ugh!” she laughed as she grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. “Ha, now this I can handle, shall we?” she asked as she held up a bottle of Grey Goose. The two each had a shot and made their way to Victor’s car.  The two made it to the venue in less than 15 minutes and were feeling amazing. Marie had poured some vodka in a cup for them to sip on the road, so by the time they arrived, they were ready to set the tone.
“Here come the party!” Marie’s Best friend hopped from he chair as soon as she saw the two of them enter the room.
“Yaaaa, you know it!” Marie exclaimed.
“Happy birthday fool! ” the two exclaimed in unison to the birthday boy.
“Thank yall I appreciate it!” James exclaimed with a bottle of champagne in his hand. The lounge was packed and he was occupied al night with friends and fun.
Just as he was about to take a seat, Victor saw something that made his stomach turn. Marie immediately noticed a change in his demeanor.
“What happened? She whispered to him.
“Look,” he nodded his head toward the bar and saw his ex, sitting there, on a date. Even though he hadn’t been with his ex for over a year, he wasn’t ready to see her with another man.
“Whoa man, don’t even trip, you said you were over her,” his sister tried to brush it off as she watched the couple at the bar.
“I see it didn’t take long for her to choose up,” she mentioned admiring her handsome date. “Shit she sat around and waited for you for a year, let you make a fool of her, can she at least get to be happy on a date? Chill man?” Marie tried to keep Victor’s mind from the young girl. When the two dated, he treated her like shit, because she let him. He never imagined the day he would see her smiling at the hands of another man.
“That nigga weak anyway,” he mumbled.
“Nah, he fine as fuck, don’t be the hater.  But look at all these women in here, it’s a whole stable of hoes. Fuck her.” Marie finished her sentence and joined her best friend at the bar for more drinks.
He was so  furious, his blood began to boil and he craved the chance to make love to her, but there was no way he was going to let it show. He knew he had to get her attention so she could see him enjoying his single life.
“This bitch thinks she went make me look dumb?“ he said quietly to himself as he scanned the room for a victim. “Bingo,” he said as he spotted a slender young girl with curly hair in fire red dress standing near the bar. He smoothly made his way to the young girl as he tried to get closer to his ex so she could see his ploy.
“Hi, I’m Ashley,” she answered eagerly with her hand out after Victor pretended to bump into her.
“Let me buy you a drink gorgeous,” he mentioned in the first line as he flagged down the bartender.
“Oh excuse me, my man,” he responded as he bumped the gentleman to his side.
“No problem my brother,” a stern voice responded.
“Whitney, is that you?” Victor asked with his best fake voice. His ex-looked like a deer in headlights as she nodded her head to the young man. The two hadn’t seen each other in over 8 months but as soon as she saw him, her panties got wet.
“Yall know each other?“ her date asked.
Before she could answer, she was interrupted by the girl in the red dress, “Oh my GOD!, It’s you!” she said with her mouth open and her hand extended.
“And it’s you!” the handsome gentleman responded with a smile.
Victor and Whitney never broke their gaze as their dates had the sidebar.
“I can’t believe it’s you, I love Grey’s anatomy, You are so good on that show, what are you working on now? I can’t believe they killed you off!” The young girl gushed about the young man and it made Victor grow heated.
“Well, I’m trying to work on what I can, I’m Kevin” he smiled and shook her hand. “I know, I’m Gina, and this is, um.” the young girl placed her hand on her face in embarrassment.
“Forgive her, I didn’t realize she got so star struck, “ he began annoyed, “I’m Victor, by the way, Whit and I are old friends,” he said nonchalantly as he gripped his conquests hips. “Don’t let us disturb your little date, I’ll see you Whit, nice meeting you dog,” Victor answered as he and the young girl walked off with their drinks.
“Oh my God, I can’t believe your friend knows Kevin Jenson, he’s so awesome” Victor was already annoyed with the young girl and figured he should get rid of her.
“You know what, let me go see what my sister needs, she just text me, I’ll see you around gorgeous,” he said as he disappeared into the crowd to find the friends from his party.
“Nigga, what the hell you doing?” his cousin mentioned after he saw the conversation at the bar. “Nigga, you ok? You tryna kill Whit or what?” Terence was Victors best friend and he knew that he didn’t deserve Whitney when he was with her. He also would still support any decision Victor made, even if it meant jumping her date and claiming his prize.
“Nah bro, I’m good, me and her cool. Look at all these hoes, you think I’m gonna be stressed by one that nags a lot? Nah, enjoy your night bro.” The two gentlemen laughed and clinked glasses as they enjoyed the vibes from the lounge. The loud music and the drinks combined for a perfect atmosphere. Victor, however, kept finding himself distracted. Every ten minutes he looked at the bar to spy on Whitney. He grew angrier and angrier when he realized not only was she ignoring him, but the new nigga had her attention. She was smiling and laughing with the guy the same way she used to with Victor. He stared at her smooth creamy legs as she swung her perfectly pedicured feet back and forth tapping her dates ankle.
“Yo Vic, take a shot with me nigga!” his best friend exclaimed as he plopped down on the chaise next to him. The two men took shots back to back and laughed with the rest of the group. “You good?” his friend asked as he held a bottle in his hand. “Yeah, I’m good man,” Victor answered as he glanced over his shoulder at the bar again.
“I’ll be right back,” Victor hopped up when he saw Whitney making her way to the restroom. He was slick with his moves as he made sure his friends didn’t see him stalking.
“Hey stranger you want to save a dance for me?” Gina bounced in his face and wrapped her arms around his neck as she saw him making his way to the restroom. He could smell the liquor on her breath and while she was an easy target, that’s not what he was looking for tonight. Tonight, he wanted to get fucked good.
Once he made is the way to the narrow corridor where the bathrooms were, he stood to the side to wait for Whitney. He peeked into the men’s room to realize it was empty.
“Perfect,” he thought to himself as he stood close to the door to ensure no one went in. As soon as Whitney exited the restroom, she felt a yank on her elbow and found her self-slammed against the men’s bathroom wall. Before she could react, she realized it was the Victor when his hand was around her throat and his tongue was on her neck.
“What the fuck?!” she exclaimed as she shoved him off her with all her might. “Are you crazy nigga? Get the fuck away from me!” she yelled.
Victor acted as if he didn’t hear a word she said as he locked the door and reached his hand up her skirt.
“Baby you’re beautiful, I can’t let anyone else have you” he began to kiss her ferociously on her face.
“Vic, you’re drunk,” she announced she tried to push him away from her. She always had a weakness for his kisses and he knew that. His grip didn’t loosen as he planted his face in the nape of her neck and began to devour her. He knew exactly how to make her melt and it was working. Whitney could feel her self-getting wetter and she wanted badly to give in to his thrills. She grabbed his face and said his name in a low tone.
When she saw his eyes, she knew she was his.
“Victor”, her lips mumbled.
“Damn, say that shit again,” the liquor had taken its toll on the young man and he was an animal. “Come on baby, you know you’re mine, you gone always be mine!” he grunted as he scooped the young girl into his arms. His strong hand’s gripped her ass as she tried her hardest to push him away. He lifted her waist all the way to his shoulders as he buried his face underneath her miniskirt.
“Mmmh,” he moaned into her pussy as he enjoyed the forbidden taste. “I forgot how good you taste baby, you still get so wet for daddy.”
Victor continued to munch on his ex while she moaned and tried to fight him off.
“Viccc, uh,” she wiggled her legs wildly but it only made Victor want her more.” You gone fight me? You not gone give me my pussy?” he asked as he lifted his head up and spanked her ass cheek.
The young girl’s vagina was craving Victor but she knew she couldn’t let herself do it.
“Victor!” She exclaimed as she nearly fell off his shoulders.
“What!”? he asked with wide eyes.
“You have to stop! I cant do this, you didn’t want me!” By this time, she was yelling as she fixed her skirt and grabbed a paper towel to wipe herself.
“You the man now, right? You got bitches, you don’t need me? Go be that” she hurried out of the restroom before her date could tell she was gone and left Victor standing there.
Victor was overcome with defeat and couldn’t believe he let his emotions get the best of him.
“What the fuck you doing man?” he asked himself in the mirror as he wiped off his face.”
He walked from the bathroom and looked around to realize Whitney made a quick escape. He noticed the lounge winding down and decided to head home. “Ima get out of here, can you ride home with them?” he asked Marie as she sipped her drink.
“Yea you ok?” she asked making sure he brother was ok.
“Yea, I’m good.” He answered dryly as he made his way to the parking lot. He heard a voice approaching him from behind.
“You leaving already handsome? Maybe you can walk me to my car.”
He smiled when he recognized it was Gina from earlier. He knew that all his anger would have a target to take aim at as he grinned.
“I’d love to beautiful after you” he extended his hand in front of him as he admired the switch of her luscious hips.
“Whitney got me fucked up, I am the fucking man!” he thought to himself as he slyly grabbed his dick through his pants.
“I’m right here,” the young girl began as she walked up to her Tahoe. “I appreciate you walking me, its some crazy people it here,” she said smoothly as she opened the door. Just as she turned round to face him, he had his hands around her waist and kissed her passionately. He didn’t even care that he still had Whitney on his breath.
“Fuck all these bitches, I’m gonna show her,” he thought as he began to explore the girl’s body with his hands, Gina enjoyed every second as she hugged and kissed him back. The two hopped in the back seat of her Tahoe and she mounted Victor in no time. Her slippery pussy fit his cock perfectly as she rode his dick like a jockey. He sucked her neck until it turned red and he pulled her hair so hard she yelled out loud.
“Owww, Victor ” she moaned out.
“Say my name! say it again!” he demanded as he guided the young girl’s hips up and down his shaft.
“This mine! You hear me! huh!” he yelled out as he continued to pound the young girl pretending she was Whitney. She allowed the liquor to let her enjoy the experience but paid his words no mind.
“Mhh, Its good huh?” she asked.
Once he came to his senses, Vitor realized he needed to get his nut off so he could leave. He yanked the girl up and shoved her face into his lap as she bounced her head up and down on his cock until he exploded in her mouth.
“Damn, I found the perfect little freak,” he laughed to himself as she hung herself out from the door to spit.  “I gotta get going,” she mentioned shyly as she dressed.
“I’m sorry gorgeous,” he smiled.
“It’s no problem, that was amazing, but I have a boyfriend.” The girl admitted looking defeated.
“Damn, cold world” he exclaimed as he hopped out the backseat and headed to his car.
He pulled his phone out and began to text Whitney,
“You’ll always be mine.” He pressed send and waited for a response as he headed to his car. He hopped in and was pleased when he received a message from Whitney. His dick grew hard at the two-word response. He started his car and smiled as he drove off from the lot. He looked down at the phone one more time at the message for reassurance, it read “I know.”
“I’m the man,” he said to himself as he sped down the street.

New Flame


Lauren sat on the park bench shivering as she awaited her date.
“Where is he?” she said aloud as she noticed the time on her apple watch. Keith told her to meet him at Liberty Park at 10:00 pm sharp and he still was not there at 10:15.
She reached into her trench coat pocket to grab the phone to ensure she didn’t miss a call.
The phone was at 80% battery life and there were no new messages.
You good?” she text her ex to make sure he hadn’t canceled on her, per usual. Keith was good for stringing her along, but she always found herself entranced in his web. All he had to do was call and she would come running. Half the time though, he found a way to disappoint her.
Hey, something came up”.
Lauren was furious when she read the text. Her thumb moved vigorously as she swiped the screen downward to recall the full-text conversation. She took screenshots of the conversation showing how Keith insisted the two meet at the park so he could make love to her one last time and sent them to him. She knew it was a bad idea to respond to his text in the first place, especially since they hadn’t talked in about a month. When he offered to meet up with her to talk, she didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. Now that he wasn’t showing up, she regretted taking his advice to show up half-naked in a trench coat for “old times sake”.
“I knew you would do this shit!” she responded angrily as she fought tears from falling.

She reached into her bag and grabbed the bottle of Patron she bought for the two of them. She popped the top and took two huge gulps. It was warm Saturday night and she got stood up by her ex; getting drunk seemed like a good idea.

“This is your fault, you knew this shit would happen,” she said aloud to herself.
Look, I don’t have to explain anything to you” he responded coldly. Lauren shut her eyes tight and just let it go. The cool breeze hit her face and she decided she would enjoy the picnic she planned for the two of them solo. She grabbed her throw blanket from the bag and set herself up. Keith would have been impressed at the sight of her picnic. She had a fruit tray, chicken salad, and even mini cheesecakes she made for him since they were his favorite. She removed the candle and lit it as she played her music and sipped on her drink. She admired the beautiful park as the silence took her to a place of serenity.

“You got a perfect little setup in the cut,” the voice startled her and caused her to jump. She hoped the voice was Keith but immediately recognized it was too deep. When she turned around, she was greeted by a muscular figure wearing all black.

“Its ok,” she responded dryly as she stood up making sure not to be caught off guard.
“I saw the candlelight flicking and thought there was a damn fire and had to run over here,” he laughed as he adjusted his headphones and prepared to continue his run.

“It’s pretty late to be jogging,” she mentioned trying to keep his company. Had the park not been so popular, she would have assumed he was a stalker. He was too damn fine to not speak though, especially since she was in the park half naked.

“It’s the only time I really get to clear my head, I work 14 hours a day so I have to make sure I get my fresh air every night so I don’t go crazy.” He smiled and kneeled down to make himself comfortable.
Lauren didn’t extend an invite but didn’t complain when he got closer and she was able to see his face better.
Damn, he fine as fuck,” she realized as the moonlight his hit smooth yellow skin.
“Ok, you were ready to make sure somebody ate well huh? Was this a solo date or did you get stood up?” he laughed as he took a seat and got comfortable by popping a grape into his mouth.
“Um, that’s rude” she snapped as she blushed and swatted his hand.
“And how come I can’t just be having a nice picnic for myself?” she asked not wanting to seem desperate.
“Well, you could,” he started “But I noticed you have two glasses and two plates, so I assumed you were setting up for a date.”
He hit the nail on the head and Lauren decided it would be easier to come clean and face the embarrassment.
“I’m Eddie by the way,” he said with an extended hand.
“Well Eddie, I got stood up.“
“Oh-kay, so tell me more about it while you serve me some of this chicken salad,” he smiled.
“Why would I sit and give my food to a stranger this late at night?” She flirted with her hand on her hip as she lowered herself to the blanket.

“Well the nigga you was waiting for stood you up, you might as well get all this charisma I’m trying to toss your way baby girl,” the young boy joked sarcastically as he rubbed his bearded face.
“I’m kidding, but I’m not a stranger. I mean, here’s my business card,” he reached into his wallet and handed her a card.
“Edward Filmore, Executive Consultant for Finance.” She read the card aloud and was somewhat impressed.
“And see, here’s all my social media.” He shoved his phone in her face scrolling through to show he was fairly normal.
“Ok ok,” she joked as she moved the phone from her face. “What would you like to eat?”
“I’ll take a little of everything you got.” He smiled eagerly as he watched her prepare his food. “So who stood you up?” he asked as he took his first bite of his salad.

“It’s a long story and I feel dumb, but it was my ex.” She started the conversation as Eddie devoured his food. “We had a pretty messy breakup but we still talk here and there. We were supposed to meet today to talk and…” she stopped mid-sentence as she tugged at the belt of her coat.

“You cant let people play you ma,” he said already recognizing the situation from a guys angle. Lauren was obviously a loyal woman, but she was in the hands of a nigga who had no clue how to appreciate her.

“I know he is. He’s dating someone else. He probably only told me to meet him because she was mad at him. He’s that type. So yea, I’m eating alone.” She quickly gathered herself so she wouldn’t let her feelings ruin her night.

“Well, I m glad he’s an asshole, you’re beautiful and this chicken salad is amazing,” Keith answered to lighten the mood. The two talked and guzzled shots from her bottle as they held small conversation.

“So what did you have planned for the rest of the night aside from eating all my food?” She asked the questions with a huge smile, obviously flirting.

“I’m gonna drink your liquor to,” he laughed as he reached for her bottle with a huge grin. She snatched it before he could grab it and the two simultaneously began to tussle. Both tipsy from the liquor, they rolled around on the blanket like kids.

“Whats wrong with you?” she squealed as her trench came flying open. She had completely forgotten she was sitting next to the young stranger in full sex attire underneath. Her lace garter belt was exposed and he was intrigued.
“Well well well, whats that there?” he quizzed maniacally as he reached for her leg.

“Excuse me, I don’t know you” she slapped his hand playfully as she covered her leg.

Eddie grabbed his chest dramatically, “Baby, you’re killing me. I just told you all my secrets, you fed me, I shared my weed with you” she laughed aloud at the look on his face. The two had spent the past hour in the park munching on her food and chopping it up. He even convinced her to hit the backward he had tucked in his sock for after his run. “And you cant let me see a little thigh?”

She continued to laugh holding onto her stomach. “You are so funny, I’m glad I ran into you. Or you ran into me.”  Lauren began to clean their mess as she gathered her picnic and placed the things back into her reusable shopping bag.

“Let me help you with that, it’s the least I can do,” Eddie mentioned as he kneeled down and helped her with the empty containers and trash.
He placed the containers in the bag and noticed a box of pills sitting next to it.
“Oh, here you go,” he handed them over to her.
“I forgot I had these. You ever had one?“ She opened the box and showed him the contents. He eyed the blue dolphin pill and immediately knew he had to fuck the young girl.
“Yea I had one before, have you?“ he asked as he stared into her eyes.
“Yea I have, only with my ex though. He told me to get them for tonight.” He saw the disappointment in her eyes as she tucked the small box back into the bag.
Eddie looked around and realized the two hadn’t seen a single person in the last 30 minutes. He looked at his watch and it was almost midnight; the two had the entire park to themselves.
As she turned back around, Eddie was right on her face holding the liquor bottle. “Last shot, handle that baby girl,” he said as he held the bottle up to her lips.
“Fuck it, “ she said as she opened wide.
He poured the contents of the bottle down her mouth. Before she could close her lips, he grabbed her throat and gently kissed her. The liquor swished around each of their mouths and slowly made its way down their throats as they sucked on each other’s tongues.
She explored his muscular body with her smooth hands while he continued to grip her throat and tongue her down. Her body lets out a soft moan and Eddie stepped back to admire her.
“Take that coat off, I wanna see it from the back,” he demanded while reaching into the bag to search for the pills. Once she dropped the coat, he already had a pill in his hand waiting for her to approach him. Eddie walked right up to her and put the pill lightly on her lips.

“What you doing man?” she slurred as she looked at him seductively.

“You know what I’m going,” he answered sternly with a sly grin. She stuck her tongue out and nodded as he gently placed the pill on the tip of her tongue.

She dropped her coat and Eddie dropped to his knees at the sight of her bright red lace panties with the matching bra. She rocked a thin body chain that laid perfectly on her flat stomach. Her thick hips nearly burst out of her thong as she stood straight up and turned around slowly. Her ass was perfect and tight with a tiny tattoo of a Woody Woodpecker on the right cheek.

Eddie couldn’t take it and grabbed her by her hips. Still, from the back, he bent her over and began to smack her ass. He planted wet kisses on her as he rubbed it and spanked her. He stuck his finger into her mouth then slowly entered it into her pussy. She could already feel the pill working as she used her hips to match the rhythm of his finger.
“Mmm,” Lauren moaned aloud as she stood bent over with her titties in her hands.
Eddie moved her panties to the side and spit on her wet pussy. His thick lips made their way to her clit and he munched on her slowly as he felt her body shaking. He knew the pill was taking its toll on her and he was ready to reap the benefits.
He got on his knees and ordered her to face him. He gripped her hips and grabbed her left thigh to place it over his shoulder and kissed her lips like they were on her face. First, slow, loud pecking, then juicy tongue kisses. He was turned on by how her body matched his movements. Lauren held her head back and was lost in another world as she felt the pill taking its toll. She got wetter and wetter as she felt his warm lips tickling her pearl. She scratched his head and rubbed his shoulders, admiring his smooth toned body.
“Ohh shit, yea baby” she yelled out as he continued to make her feel like a champion.
“Yea, keep fucking my face” he ordered as she threw her pussy at him. He slid her heel off and placed her perfect feet on his rock hard dick. Having a foot fetish, he admired her feet all night and couldn’t wait to feel how soft they were. She moved them back and forth slowly, realizing that his dick was a perfect size.
“Oh shit!” she screeched in a high pitch voice as her body collapsed forward and she squeezed Eddie’s neck.

“Mmmm” he moaned as he tasted her juices float down his throat. He knew the girl was rolling when she continued to fuck his face like he didn’t just suck the soul out of her. He smiled and continue to munch on the young girl.
Lauren felt his rock hard dick with her smooth feet and knew she had to get a taste.
“Do you have a condom?” she asked as she pulled his head from her crotch.
Without thinking twice, Eddie dug into his pocket and yanked out a gold magnum. He laid on his back an quickly pulled his shorts off. He barely had the condom on before Lauren mounted him and went for the ride of her life. She bounced and bucked on the young man like a pro. He laid back and enjoyed her while she did all the work. Her sexy silhouette looked perfect under the moonlight. She bounced on her toes as the blanket slid uncontrollably underneath Eddie’s tense body. He gripped her hips to make sure she didn’t stop.

“Hell yea baby,” he chanted as the girl kept going strong without even getting tired. She sucked on her fingers, played with her pussy and even turned around on the dick so he could see her from the back. He went crazy when she bent all the way back and turned her neck to kiss him.
“Oh, shit,” he said slowly praying he wouldn’t cum already. Lauren worked her muscled as she squeezed his dick and continued to her find her spot.
the quiet calmness of the park allowed the two to be as free and loud as they wanted.
Eddie looked at his dick and had to grab Lauren when he saw how white itwas from her creaming. He didn’t want to nut just yet and seeing her go ham on his dick was surely the way to make him.
“Ohh, lay on your back,” he demanded, “I want to look at that pretty ass face”. Lauren melted and leaned back with her hand on her pussy. When he entered her, she nutted immediately. She wrapped her slender legs around him to pull him in as deep as possible. Eddie rocked in and out of her pussy slowly as he looked right into her eyes. Each stroke, he went deeper and deeper until he finally reached her spot. As soon as he felt it with the head, the two said “Oh shit!” in unison.
His thrusts grew faster and harder as he continued to pound the young girl for dear life. He pulled her thighs up to open her insides up to capacity.
“Open it up, give it all to me!” he ordered as he raised her hips and continued to fuck her, ignoring her cries to stop.
“Please, please, please, I can’t nut anymore please” she begged.
He continued to fuck her with the stamina of a stallion in the same position for the next 10 minutes, making her nut as many times.When he realized her body was going limp, he laughed and forced her to tun over.

He entered her from behind and pulled her hair so hard their foreheads touched when he looked down,
“Ah, ah, ah,” the sound of her pants brought him even closer to blowing his load. He kissed and bit her back and felt her moisture increase by twice as much. “Oh shit!” he whispered as he felt himself drowning.
“Fuck baby girl,“ he bit down on her back and released his soul into the condom. Both of their bodies shook uncontrollably. He pulled his dick out and hopped off the blanket to clean himself off.
“Oh my God, I can’t believe that” Lauren grabbed her coat and tossed it on in a hurry. She rolled up the cover and shoved it in her bag.
“Woah, what’s the problem friend, I’m not a stranger remember?” he joked as he pulled his pants up and tossed the condom.
Lauren felt awful that she showed up for one man and ended up fucking a stranger. She knew her ex was with another woman, but she didn’t want to be alone.
Eddie could tell she was in her head and decided to brighten up her night.
“I have an idea. Since you fed me, “ he grinned as he looked down at her pussy and licked his lips, “Let me take you to get some dessert. It’s the least I can do. I know a great spot that opens late and it has the best ice cream in the city,” he smiled as he grabbed another rolled backwood from his pocket. He retrieved the bag from her hands and insisted on her company.

Eddie was single but loved to entertain women. Lauren was one of the most beautiful women he had ever met and her conversation alone was enough to make a man fall in love with her. He didn’t mind keeping her company while her pill wore down. “What do you say?” he said handing her the weed.

Lauren smiled, still rolling and knew she couldn’t resist the invitation.
“I’m still rolling” she laughed and placed the blunt to her lips to take a huge puff. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close.
“Good, because the place is right by my house, and I can think of a few things we can do with the ice cream.”


That’s My Best Friend


Mike scrolled through his phone endlessly as he lusted over the busty women on Instagram. It was 3 am and none of his usual booty call’s were answering tonight. “Damn, I  must have made all my bitches mad,” he said aloud to himself as she scrolled through his text messages and noticed no responses. Just as he went back to the Instagram app, a message popped up on his phone.

“Lol,” read across the  screen and it was his best friend Yana. “Aw shit, ” he thought to himself about his premature excitement as he went to respond to his best friend.

“Nigga, I sent this meme last night, what the hell you still doing woke?” he typed the words as he looked down at his rock hard dick. He looked at the icon picture of his best friend and his blood began to boil. Yana was fine as fuck, but off limits. The two had known each other since 5th grade, so the relationship was more like family.

“You know its hard for me to sleep alone, I’m still not used to sleeping by myself.”

When the text came in, Mike got annoyed. She had broken up with her ex 6 months before and she still wasn’t over the nigga. He would string her along and Mike hated to see his best friend go through that. He was a nigga himself so he stayed in his lane and let her learn on her own.

He grabbed the bottle of tequila off his nightstand and took a swig as he texted back, “Nigga suck that shit up.” He chuckled as he pressed send. A picture came in of the two of them from a party a few weeks before. His mouth watered as he admired her plump legs under her skin tight mini skirt. The two looked amazing together.

“Lisa just sent me this from the party,” was captioned under the photo she sent.

He completely ignored the caption and went straight to drooling over the photo.  “That ass looking fat as fuck,” before he could think of the repercussions of the text, Mike pressed send.

“Don’t get yourself in trouble nigga, you can’t handle all this” she responded as she laid on her bed half naked. It was 3 am and they both were up thinking about sex. The two never even mentioned their sex lives to each other, but at this point, they were simply two adults who were texting at the wrong, or right time.

“I’m a grown man, you the one tryna save that shit for a fuck boy,  watch when a real nigga gets his hands on it.” He knew his best friend was amazing and it annoyed him that shewasted her time with her ex. She was smart, down to earth and most of all, drop dead gorgeous. any man would be lucky to have her, The two grew up together so he had too much love for her to shoot his shot. Tonight though, he was willing to test his luck.

“I’m not saving anything for anyone. I just don’t have anyone to spend time with,” she responded, getting annoyed herself.

He took one more swig as he decided to shoot his shot. “You need to let me come handle that for you”. He stared at the phone eagerly as he anticipated the gray bubbles in the iMessage thread.

Oh, shit,” he thought as he saw them pop up. He took one more swig and crossed his fingers as he caressed his dick through his sweatpants. Another text came in a separate thread,  but he ignored it hoping he could fuck Yana instead.

“Come handle it.”

His jaw dropped as the message read across the screen.

He hopped up like a bat out of hell and rushed to the shower. He bathed and got dressed in less than 10 minutes. He tossed on a Nike sweatsuit after lathering his body with cocoa butter. Just as he slid his feet into his Nike slides by the door, he grabbed his phone an text “On my way”

By the time he was in the car, his heart was racing. He couldn’t believe how nervous he was. “Damn, are we gone be together? Is she gone start tripping and shit? I she gonna expect me to change? I wonder if that shit good, Fuck!” his mind raced as he wondered if he was making the right choice. His thoughts were interrupted when a text came in that read; “Door Open.”

He looked up and smiled as he reached his exit on the 710. It was 3:30 in the morning and there were no cars on the PCH exit with him as he cruised the streets of long beach to get to his conquest. Mike’s mind was going crazy. He had never even hugged Yana inappropriately now all of a sudden the two were about to make love. This had to be too good to be true. He thought of every reason he could to go back home, but each step he took, he realized he couldn’t resist. Before he walked in her apartment, he took three deep breaths as he placed his hand on the doorknob.

When he walked into her house, everything was perfect. He had been there a million times, but this time was different. The smell of glade plugins filled her home with the aroma of warm woods. He walked right past her bedroom without looking inside and headed into the bathroom.

When he exited, he walked into her room and got tense at the sight of her. The lights were dim with one candle burning on the nightstand. The recess lighting in her headboard created a perfect mood. Her smooth brown skin glistened as she laid coolly in the bed in a velvet bikini set with a silk robe draped over.

“Fuck,” he said aloud as she passed a blunt to him she was smoking.

He couldn’t believe how chill she was. She laid there with her toes out watching a video on her phone as she passed him the blunt.

“Damn ma,” he smiled, “You were gone put some heels on too?” he smiled noticing a pair of heels near the bed.

“You put them on me,” Yana demanded, getting straight to business. She sat up and placed her pointed toe onto his chest with a playful grin, inviting him to help her with the shoes.

Mike had never seen this side of his friend and was impressed. He took her big toe into his mouth and sucked it as he slid her clear heels onto her feet, one by one. She reached up to her headboard and pressed play on her iPad. Chris Brown’s “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” began to play as the two let their chemistry do the talking.

Mike immediately started doing his thing. “Oh you got cute for a real one huh?” he mentioned as he removed her silk robe. Yana was known to be a tomboy. While she was a beautiful woman, she was more sporty and no one, aside from the man she was fucking, ever saw her the way he saw her tonight. He was going to cherish every moment.

“Let me see them from the back.” He mentioned referring to her skin tight panties.
Mike held her wrist as he spun her around to get a view of her thick ass in the tiny thong. He bent her over the bed and began to place kisses on her ass cheek. “Twerk that shit,” he demanded as he smacked her wildly with his smooth hands. He pulled his clothes off as he admired the dimples in her huge ass.

“You been wanting this huh?” she smiled as he looked back at her best friend.

Without resisting, Mike grabbed her face in his hand and kissed her passionately. He mounted the young lady and continued to kiss her as he slid into her pussy with ease from behind.

“Damn girl,” he moaned as he tried to fit his dick into her tight closure.

“Push that shit in baby!” she whispered as she worked her hips into the young man to help him. Her tight pussy was the perfect fit for his thick 7 inches. Once the two got their groove, it was a wrap.  The music played in the background as the two perfectly synced with each other’s bodies. He stroked in and out of her as she screamed his name. The sight of her creaming on his dick made him grow harder and harder.

“Come here,” Mike slammed her onto her back as he took her small breasts into his mouth. He licked wildly as he attempted to find her pussy with his huge wet dick.  De continued to lick her smooth body and plant kisses on her neck.

“Yea, suck it harder. I want people to know I was fucking today!” she whispered in his ear as she gently scratched his back. Mike couldn’t believe how sexually uninhibited his best friend was. He obliged and began to chew on her soft neck bone until he felt her shaking. “What the fuck was this nigga thinking?” he thought to himself about her ex.

She let him do anything he wanted to her. he continued to pound on top of her as he admired her beautiful fuck faces. “Yea, you like that shit” he said as he noticed the pleasure and pain on her face.

“Mike!” Yana moaned out as she rubbed his chest. “Oh fuck you gone make me cum girl” he grabbed her throat for leverage and almost exploded when she grabbed his index finger and began to suck on it while he choked her.

“God damn,” he said aloud as he enjoyed the lovemaking.

“This shit bomb as fuck!” she yelled out as she wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him in deeper. “Oh fuck let me hop on top of you,” she whispered in his ear as she pulled herself away to catch her breath.

As he positioned himself, she disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a party cup of ice. “I was parched,” she smiled as she took a swig.

When she hopped on top of him, she slowly let the water in her mouth dribble down onto his dick and her pussy at the same time. The chill of the water caused him to flinch then immediately grab her thighs as a reaction. He used his hands to slowly match her rhythm on his dick.

“Mmmm” he moaned. When her mouth was empty, she began to suck on her fingers as she slowly rode his dick. She wound  her hips onto him as she played with her clit with her perfectly manicured nails

“Damn, you nasty as fuck” Mike exclaimed as he tried to keep himself from cumming. They had been fucking for about 15 minutes and he still didn’t want it to stop. He was so impressed with how she threw her ass back and obliged to all this request. She even told him to “Do it again” when he spit in her asshole . “Every niggas fantasy,” he thought to himself as he felt the nut building up

“Baby, you gotta get up, I’m about to cum” he announced as he gripped her hips for dear life. “Shit me too man me too fuck !” the too of them continued to grind on each other as they felt their ends coming soon

“Shit get up, get up!” Mike yanked her off his lap and tossed her onto her back. Before he could get up, she re-positioned herself on her knees and began to suck his dick like crazy.

His heart almost stopped at the sight of her as in the air as she leaned over to suck the soul from him. “Mmmm, cum for me” she moaned with his dick still in her mouth.

Mike threw his head back and said a silent prayer as he grabbed a handful of her ass.  Her thick lips gripped his dick tightly as he slowly blew his whole load down her throat.

She jumped up and ran to the bathroom where she spit his kids in the toilet and hopped in the shower. Mike laid on her bed in shock. He had laid on the same bed so many times, at least twice in the current week alone. Now he realized that this is what he had been missing. “How the fuck can she deal with that weak as nigga when she putting it down like this? Hell Nah, I gotta marry her ass.” His mind wandered like crazy.

“You want some company?” he yelled out as he made his way to the dimly lit bathroom. “I see you a wild one Yana, a nigga feel like he need to lowkey marry your ass!”

Mike echoed as he peeled off his clothes. As he pulled back the shower curtain, he noticed her rinsing off and finishing up.

“You scared the shit out of me,” she mentioned nonchalantly as she turned around. Yana’s perky titties hardly moved in the shower but Mike still loved her body. He had a new found respect for his best friend and was still I shock. She brushed the experience off as if it was nothing and walked nude back to her room.

After washing up quickly, Mike joined her as he sat on the edge of the bed.

“So, you the type to hit and quit?” he joked to her as he watched her stare into her phone. She was clearly distant and he wanted to make sure the love was still there.

“I don’t know what to say, I feel crazy,” she laughed as she shoved her face in her pillow trying to compose herself. “I can’t believe we did that Best,” she began with the term of endearment, “This is going to complicate things man,” she shook her head as she broke down weed to roll another blunt.

“Don’t be that way Ya,” Mike began as he rubbed her plump thighs. “We could never go left, you really are my best friend man.” He planted kisses on her thighs and made his way up. “I can’t believe your pussy so damn good, I might have to make you my wife too man, I’m not kidding,” he said in a serious tone.

As the two locked eyes, Mike’s phone began to ring and it was one of his hoes. The two locked eyes and burst out into laughter together.

“Nigga, I already got one trifling nigga, I don’t need two, you forgot I’m ya best friend huh?” she laughed as she got up to grab her robe.

He answered the phone and lied to the girl saying he was still sleeping so he could finish the conversation.

“Speaking of trifling, why the fuck you deal with that nigga if you getting down like that? Any real nigga would be happy to fuck with you.” Mike was genuine as he got comfortable on the bed.

“Well, he taught me all of that, ” Yana began as she rolled the weed with her legs crossed. “I can’t imagine being that open with anyone else other than him, well you because we go back so far. But I just really needed some and I haven’t heard from him,” she admitted to her best friend. The two never discussed their love lives, and now she was letting him know she used him for sex. Mike didn’t know how to feel. He felt like he was used, but he couldn’t be upset because she had watched him do the same thing to women over the years.
“So you gone use me?” he asked sarcastically.
“You know I love you best friend.” She smiled as she blew him a kiss and handed him the blunt.
The two laid curled up watching videos on her laptop and smoking weed until the sun came up.





I imagine the man God created for me must have a forgiving heart. He has to know that he will be handling a woman who has lived, in this generation. He will need to have the strength to endure my demons and spirit angels alike. I’m sure he is praying for me and my issues now and we possibly haven’t even been introduced. He knows in advance to pray over the woman who will cross his path and steal his heart. He must be that cautious, is the point. He must already know that he loves me more than anything in the world. He knows I have the tools and materials to build a solid foundation and he is creating the blueprint as I type. He is probably frustrated at the thought of another man touching what God created for him, but don’t worry my love, God is working on my mind, body and heart. He is teaching me that no man is going to love me the way he taught you to love me. He is slowly showing me that no man will make me warm and comfort me the way you have in store. You know my heart, you know my mind and you know my weaknesses. My weaknesses will not matter though, because you, my dear love, you will be my strength. I know you must be the most patient man in the world. I know your patience is something I will learn to value, as you will find out that patience is not my strong suit.

I will be able to have moments of sadness and weakness because I will not bear the brunt of the damage because you will be my covering. I know you are preparing yourself to hold me up and teach me how to be the perfect mate. I know you will wake up full of joy and adventure each morning and encourage your family to be the same. I know you will look at me every morning with splendor in your heart at the thought of me being yours forever. You don’t mind that I made mistakes as a young woman, because you prayed to God for a woman like me. You prayed for a woman who could live, love and forgive all with the same heart. You prayed for a woman who will love you unconditionally and appreciate your affection. You are praying for a woman who has endured pain and triumph and struggle so that she can truly admire the way you move to take care of your family. I imagine you to be tall dark and handsome. You may not be, but in my mind, I imagine you are because I imagine getting butterflies every time I see you. I imagine you blushing every time I smile at you. I imagine you not being able to be within 5 feet of me and not touching me. I can’t imagine the day you won’t love me. I imagine you are praying for me now. Praying for my journey and my realization. Praying that I stop preparing and allow you to find me. My love, I know you are waiting patiently for me. I can’t wait to meet you… or maybe it’s my imagination…”

Black Girl Magic


15-year old author & entrepreneur, Essynce Moore Hillside, NJ — 15-year old Essynce Moore is the only African American teen author that has written three books that are mandatory readings for several school district curriculums including Hillside, NJ School District; Brooklyn, NY Charter School(s); and Orange, NJ School District. Her books are a part of a […]

via First Black Teen Author Ever to Write 3 Books Being Used By School Districts Across the Country as Part of Their Teaching Curriculum — Beneath The Surface Publishing

Mr. Clean


“Fuck, I can’t believe how cold it is out here” Iris mumbled into her phone as her heels clicked across the pavement.
“Girl, you’re the one with that weird ass boss who leaves a $200.00 scarf at a high school gym. These pretentious ass people you deal with. Must be nice to be that careless and have a person to pay to fix your shit.”
”Lisa, it’s gonna be a damn ten-minute delay, I’ll grab the scarf then be on the way, quit complaining.” Iris shot back at her.
The two girls had made a weekly ritual to meet on Friday nights after work for a wine down where they drank wine, ate junk and dished on the events of the prior week.
This night, Iris had to make a detour to pick up her bosses scarf that he left at his sons’ high school basketball game.
“Ok girl, I’m walking up to the gym now, let me grab this scarf and,” Just as Iris was announcing her hang up, her phone battery gave out on her. She tucked it neatly into her coat pocket and made her way to the doors. “Ugh,” her attitude grew annoyed when she realizes the doors were locked and there was no one around.
There has to be someone here,” she thought as she examined her watch. “Only 9:30.”
Just as she spun on her heels, she realized there was a custodial cart sitting near the edge of the gym. She made her way to the cart in a hurry as the cold chill of the wind hit her face.
“Excuse me,” she yelled into the open door of the boy’s restroom. When there was no response, she decided to take two steps in and knock on the door,
“Hi, sir.” the janitor had his back turned as he was listening to his giant beats headphones.
“Ahh,” he turned and jumped as Iris’ hand tapped his back.
“I’m so sorry,” her voice giggled as she tried not to laugh at his startled face.
“My boss left his scarf I the gym and I was wondering if you could help me and open the door?”

Her body was paralyzed when the janitor turned around and she was staring up at a 6 foot 3 Adonis. His caramel skin tone laid perfectly across his bone structure. His full beard was perfectly trimmed and his neatly trimmed afro looked like there wasn’t a hair out of place. “Damn!” she said in her head.
“Aha, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t scared, I was concentrating and that threw me way off,” his accent gave him away immediately. “I will be happy to help you, my dear,” he answered as he grabbed his mop and made his way out. “Nice accent, you from the island?” Iris probed.
“Yes I am my lady, I’ve been in the states for about tree years. Let me finish this up here and I will walk you right over. Can you give me about 3 minutes?” the young man smiled and revealed a perfect set of chompers that made Iris grin.
“No problem Evan,” Iris noticed his name tag and made her way to the door to wait patiently and try to regain her composure. She snatched her phone from her pocket so she could text her friend and remember it was dead. “Fuck,” she said as she stomped her foot.

“Everything ok?” Evan walked down the ramp of the bungalow and made his way to the gym door. “Yea, my phone just died, so I need to hurry back to my car.”
“I don’t want to keep you. I was just finishing up myself. I just need to drop my supplies off and you can grab the scarf. The supply closet is inside the gym so it’s your lucky day ma’am.” Evan flashed another million dollar smile and Iris melted.
“Oh well thank you, I appreciate it.” She could feel her body throbbing as his energy drew her towards him. Even after a full day of work, hints of his cologne still lingered on his clothes. Not wanting the conversation to end, she thought of the first question that came to mind.

“So, how you like being a janitor?” her eyes shut quickly as she regretted her simple question. “I mean, I guess its just basic, but you like it?” Evan giggled as he felt her nerves. “I do like it, umm”?” he slowed his words in an attempt to get her name
“Oh, I’m Iris, Hi.” she extended her hand for an official greeting.

“Well Iris, this is actually a dream job for a single guy like me. I am a neat freak and come from a family of 6. As the oldest, I always had to clean up. I go to school at night and this job pays amazing and offers free benefits. So yea, I love it,” he smiled again as he opened the closet door to put his things away.
“You can go ahead to the gym and grab the scarf. It should be sitting in the lost and found box, that’s where I put everything that was left.” Evan motioned to the door with one hand as he used the other to stack the supplies.

Damn, she fine as fuck,” he thought to himself as he watched her thin frame switch into the main gym. Before he could finish putting his things away, he heard a voice in the doorway
“Wow, I never knew how many rooms were in a gym. I always just thought it was the main floor the restrooms.” She mentioned as she peered around at the office.
“I only knew this little closet was here because I saw the light on,” she mentioned.
“Yea, it works out, I like to get some alone time so I try to hide out in here on my breaks and what not. No one ever bothers me and if they find me, I say I was searching for a supply, ya dig?” Evan explained his plan and laughed as he finished cleaning up his things.
“So you off for the day, it’s already 9:45?” Iris glanced down at her watch hoping to create a reason to stay and talk.
“Almost, I technically have to hang out until my shift is done at 10, so I just chill in here and listen to some music.” He reached into a drawer and grabbed a small speaker and placed it in the file cabinet.
“What you have planned for the night? “ he asked ass he plopped down on the small couch in the room.

Iris was in a daze at the handsome young man and wanted to tell him she had every intention of fucking the shit out of him right there in the office. She bit her lip and giggled as the thought crossed her mind. “Girl, he’s gonna think you’re crazy, what if he has a woman, what if he’s not into you?“ her mind raced in circles as she searched for an answer to give the young man.
“I was gonna stop by my homegirl’s house for a little wine, nothing major. What about you? She smiled at the young man and hoped he would say something to take the edge off her nerves.

Iris watched as he adjusted his body to reach into his pocket and grab a flask. “This right here, you want some?” he took a sip and offered the small flask and Iris immediately threw a shot back and felt at ease.
“Woah man, look at the fancy lady,” he laughed in his thick accent. Iris laughed and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Man, that felt good, I had a long day,” she admitted.
“I can make you feel better,” Evan answered as he stood up and walked toward her.
“Huh,” she quizzed as the gentleman got closer. Just as she opened her mouth to protest, she felt his hand yank her waist and pull her close as he shoved his tongue down her throat.

Iris let her purse fall to the ground as she wrapped her legs around the young man and succumbed to her emotions. He gripped her tiny ass through her skirt as he explored her warm mouth with his thick tongue. Iris felt her legs getting weak as he used his hands to caress her and spank her ass. Her moans turned him on and forced his to dick to grow hard and long.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he demanded as he began to suck on her neck like a vampire.

“Uhh, uh,” is the only noise she could utter as the young man used his hands and mouth to explore the young girl and make his lasting impression. He laid her flat on her back across the desk in the office and admired her at a slow glance.
“Put them legs up and don’t move lady,” Evan demanded as he took in her beauty slowly. He removed her heels and took her pretty toes into his mouth one by one.

“Mmm, I love me some pretty feet, my lady.”The sight of her soft french tip toes instantly made his dick hard. He kissed each foot and licked up her legs all the way to her knees. “I said don’t move,” Evans’ voice echoed as her legs shook uncontrollably. Iris could feel her blood boiling and he hadn’t even penetrated her. He slowly removed her panties from underneath her skirt as he leaned over to kiss her deeply. Evan used his fingers to tickle her flesh and find her G-spot. “Oh, you want me to go swimming huh?” he announced noticing how wet the young girl was. He spread her legs and shoved his face into her crotch as he feasted away with her perfectly trimmed pussy. Her small frame wiggled like crazy as the strong man ate the young girl out of house and home. Every time she tried to move, he would put force on her waist and held her down. When she came, he kept licking and sucked her juices up.

“Damn Evan, wait wait,” she pleaded as he used his finger and tongue simultaneously to bring her to sheer ecstasy. She made her way off the table and before she could compose her self, she was bent over the desk with her head being pulled back. He licked her neck from the back and squeezed her breast as she removed his pants. “I wonder if you feel as good as you taste?” his deep voice inquired as he shoved his dick into her wet pussy from the back and almost nutted immediately.

Iris’s body grew tight as his huge piece of meat tore through her walls. She let her body match his rhythm as she worked her hips back and forth on his shaft. Her nectar dripped down her legs as the sounds of him entering her filled the room.
“Oh my god lil mama,” Evan said with his eyes closed. He couldn’t believe how wet and warm her coochie was. He gripped her small waist and thrust in and out of her intensely as her tight walls gripped his manhood.

She moaned as she tried to keep her pace. Evans dick was humongous and she wanted to enjoy every second of it.
She lifted her body and reached back to kiss him as the two continued to grind on each other.
“Fuck, wait a minute,” Evan pulled his cock out to avoid an early climax.
“Come here” he positioned himself on the desk and grabbed her with both hands. He placed her right on his dick and used his hands to bounce her up and down like a rag doll.
“That’s the spot baby oh my god, that’s it right there!” Iris yelled as she clasped her hands behind his neck to enjoy the ride. He continued to bounce her on his dick until it turned white from her cream. “Mhhhh” he let her body release as she climaxed all over his dick. Once her body fell limp over his shoulder, he knew it was time for him to get his.

“You good baby?“ he questioned as he lifted her up and laid her back on the desk. Her limp body could hardly handle any more of what he had to offer, but she wasn’t going to let that dick go to waste. He placed her legs on his shoulders and with no mercy, entered the young girls pussy and pounded away. Her juices gushed out of her pussy as she clenched his cock trying to milk it. “Baby, this dick the best!” Iris yelled out as she felt his thick hand grip her throat.
She was in heaven with this sex. He reached over, still gripping her throat, and shoved his tongue into her mouth. As he kissed her, he could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter.
“Damn baby girl, here I come, here I come, Lady!” Evan’s last word dragged as he let out a huge load inside of the young girl. She could feel his body shivering as the last of his semen filled her small hole.

They silently gathered their clothes an dressed. “Here’s a paper towel,” Evan offered as he saw her fixing her clothes. “Thank you,” she smiled as she adjusted herself and grabbed all her things.
“That was very interesting,” Evan said as he placed his hand on her waist and helped her out of the small room.
“You’re a beautiful woman.”
“Beautiful woman?” she laughed as she felt her body still shaking.g “You fuck the shit out of me like that and have the nerve to tell me I’m a beautiful woman? You must be some kind of heartbreaker huh?” she asked as she looked the fine specimen up and down. He had the perfect skin tone perfect voice and most of all, perfect dick.

“Well yea, the sex was nice but that doesn’t make you any less attractive,” he laughed as he fixed a piece of her hair that was out of place.
“I’m glad you came back to get that scarf. I would have been alone all night thinking of you.” He smiled as he started to lock the doors behind himself.

“Thinking about me?” she asked confused.

“Well yea, you work for the Superintendent right? His assistant?” he began, “I see you every Thursday, you guys have that meeting in Dr. Lingam’s office after school. You drive that Totoya right? I’ve noticed you for a while. I’ve been asking people about you a lot. I didn’t want to seem like too much of a creep. So this just seemed to work out perfect. Is that weird? ” Evan had a secret crush on Iris for months and there was no way he was going to let his chance slip away when he saw her in the restroom.

Iris was in disbelief at the words he was hearing. She had no idea who this man was, let alone that this man had been obsessing over her for months. She didn’t know what to say so she just smiled and hugged him.
“You are very impressive,” she mentioned as she continued to hold him. “I would love for us to do this again? Maybe I can come up here next Thursday night to see if my boss left anything else?” Her sly wink let Evan know that she would definitely be back for what he had to offer.

“No problem lady, I’ll be here until 10.”
“Good, I’ll be here at 8.”
He smiled as the two slowly walked to the parking lot to their cars and drove off into the night.



Today, we shall accept the fact that levels are necessary. Elevation does not naturally occur. Separation is inevitable if success is on the agenda. Women, be graceful, soft and understanding. Do not allow your emotions to make a fool out of you the way I have done. It will only consume you in the end and force you to let go of something that could have been released with ease. Allow the process to form and flow. Be one with the process and once the motion is developed, do not resist. Ride the tide of your wave smoothly as you transition to the highest version of yourself. Even from the lowest point you can still see the sky. Take your mistakes in stride and wear your indiscretions on your sleeves as you emerge from your darkness. Create the happiness you know is yours. Claim the life your heart yearn to live. Glow the fuck up…