Damn, Gina.


“I can’t believe you did all this for me, Nathan. I’m still in shock,” Gina’s curls blew in the breeze as she overlooked the panoramic view of the coastal sea. Their hotel room was on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and she was greeted with sunshine and waves. Even though she grew up in the middle of Los Angeles, she had only been to the beach twice in her life.
“And you said THIS, isn’t your thing?” Nathan giggled as he wrapped his arm around her waist from behind. They wore matching white robes with red embroidered trim. The boutique hotel was incomparable to any place either of them had stayed. “I must say, even for someone who isn’t into the beach, this is breathtaking.” He grabbed his mimosa from the decorated table and took a long sip.

With a hint of sarcasm, Gina began, “No, it isn’t my thing, but I can get used to this.” She lifted her glass exposing the diamond tennis bracelet he had given her the night before. It barely fit her petite hand, but there was no way she wasn’t going to wear it. She almost fell out of her chair when she saw the baby blue box with the tiny black writing.
“You know, when I said I always wanted a Tiffany bracelet, I was talking about the classic charm, you know, the sterling silver one?” She had mentioned on their first date that she always loved the Tiffany brand and wanted to get herself some jewelry. She had no idea when they met that day that he would be the one to deliver it to her, and then some. They met innocently at a farmer’s market in Downtown LA. She was out shopping and he was grabbing lunch on his break. He worked in one of those giant skyrise buildings downtown. As soon as he saw her, he was immediately drawn to her energy. He saw the bags in her hands and figured a woman this beautiful must be high maintenance. What he didn’t know was that she was shopping for a photo shoot and had every intention of returning all of the items in those bags within the next 48 hours. Instead, he offered to reimburse her for her trip. After buying her lunch, he peeled off eight one-hundred-dollar bills and told her the day was on him. She had never been treated to something so grand.

“Well  you know me, I only do it big, if I do it.” Nathan grabbed her chin and gently kissed her on the nose. His chunky watch glistened out of her peripheral and it made her adjust her own subconsciously. He bought it for her only a month after meeting; “It’s about time I met you – Nat.” was inscribed behind the face.
“Let’s go, baby, we don’t want to be late.” After finishing his glass, he swiftly entered the huge double doors back into their suite. The all-white decor made the room look like a palace. Gina followed closely behind him, removing her robe as she entered. Nathan could hear the thick robe hit the floor and spun on his heels to get a view. Gina looked like a snack. She wore a white lace teddy with clear high heel shoes. Her French tip toes made Nat bite his lip in excitement. Her slender brown legs stood firm on the marble floor as she rested her hands on her tiny hips.
“I might want to be late,” Gina had the look in her eyes that meant she was ready.
“Oh no, we have all night to do that, get your fine ass dressed, we out in 10.” His words were soft, yet firm. Gina loved how he was able to command her with such ease. It was the main reason she was attracted to him. He had such control over everything in his life, which is why he was able to take such great care of her. He fell in love with Gina after only one week of dating. He took her out 3 days in a row and knew that he was going to ask her to be his. She was just excited to be with someone with so much money. Their first date, he spent $1,800 on their dinner bill alone. Not to mention he took her to the fair afterward where they ate junk food until midnight. She reminisced on the short time they had been together and grew even more grateful for the help.
“You’re lucky I like you boy, so I’m going to get dressed, but you better know I got something for you later.” She winked at him and disappeared into the giant bathroom. After the two got dressed, He rushed her down to the lobby.
“You clean up pretty nice.“ Nat admired the fitted Topshop dress that hugged Gina’s body. Her colorful Fendi pumps accentuated her legs and motioned him to caress her backside in approval. “I love you,“ He kissed her on the back of her ear as the words escaped his lips. Gina felt her panties getting wet and tried to maintain her calm. She nestled herself into his body as they continued to walk in sync toward the exit door of the hotel.
“Is that for us?” Gina squinted her eyes as she read the sign a driver was holding. He stood in front of an all-black SUV with dark tint. “This nigga is the fucking best. This isn’t bad at all for a girl from Compton.” She thought as she grinned. She was in La-La land as Nat grabbed her hand to help her into the truck. They both admired the beautiful scenery of the tree-lined road. It looked like they were driving on a postcard as the sun shined on them.

Gina looked over at her man in awe. She was so blessed to find someone who cared so much about her. He was also the hardest working man she knew. He was only 32, and he already owned two homes and an apartment building, in which she had become the newest tenant. He wanted the best for her and he did all he could to make sure he was comfortable, no matter what. He encouraged her dreams, praised her and supported her. Coming from a single parent home and having no siblings, she definitely appreciated the love and affection but tried her hardest not to thrive from it. Nat made it hard though, showering her with gifts, love, and affection. She was literally living a dream life.
“Since it’s a celebration, let’s pop this bottle and get the party started while the sun is shining on us,“ Nat’s deep voice broke her daydream. She looked over and watched him pour two glasses of champagne. He stared at her with love and admiration. He was absolutely smitten over the young girl.
“Thanks, baby, “She grabbed the glass from his hand and watched the bubbly drip down his wrist. She used her soft tongue to clean the mess. Her eyes made a beeline to his crotch that instantly bulged at the touch of her lips.
“See, you said you didn’t want to be late, but it looks like someone is feeling differently. “ She traced the outsides of his legs with her small fingers. Their weekend rendezvous was exactly what she needed to solidify how he felt about her. She was beaming in the backseat as the SUV cruised down PCH to a secret destination. Her mind raced as she thought of all the places he could take her. When money wasn’t an option, the possibilities for love and life were endless; this is something she learned while dating Nat. He spared no expense when it came to showing her a good time. He never told her no and he never expected anything from her. He was the perfect gentleman. “This is the best weekend of my life. I couldn’t have imagined a better birthday weekend, Nat.“
Gina’s eyes were bright as she gazed at her suitor. Nat wore an all-white linen suit with shiny brown Gucci loafers. The Gold G on the shoe matched his belt buckle and the rims on his shade’s. His oiled skin was smooth and creamy against the bone colored cloth. He was almost perfect looking. She stared into his eyes and tried to ignore the huge burn mark on the left side of his face. Had it not been for his charm, and large bank count, she may not have been able to see past that hugely evident physical flaw.
She felt the car slow down as they pulled up to a lake house off the road. She could see a large boat docked in the back and she knew that she was in for a sea adventure. She took a deep breath to prepare herself because she couldn’t swim. “I hope he has a god damn designer life jacket since he wants to put me in harm’s way,” the thought crossed her mind and left immediately as she saw a text come in through her phone.
“What’s this for?” she smiled as she noticed she received a $5,000 alert from her CashApp.
“The semester is starting soon, and you gone need to get situated, I gotta make sure you straight. “ The words left his mouth with ease as he floated out the back seat like a God. They locked hands as he summoned her into the warm summer air. She adjusted her giant Chanel frames on her doll face and grinned. The view was perfect.
“Baby, you have completely changed my mind about water in 48 hours. I could wake up to this every day.“  There was a tiny room behind the Lake House that was nestled behind trees. She could see balloons in the distance and knew it was a gift for her.“This just gets better and better!” she said as she pulled out her phone to record the scene.

“I love you baby girl, you make life so fucking easy!” he whisked her into his arms and walked her over to the room where he had an entirely new wardrobe just for their excursion. She changed into the tiny gold two-piece bikini and wrapped a Fendi scarf around her curly hair. She slid on the matching slides and grabbed her new pair of Chanel glasses.  “The Good Life.” She thought to herself.

Once they got on the boat, the captain wasted no time getting them out to sea. Gina admired the coast in all its natural glory. She scrolled through her different social media accounts as she flooded the timeline with pictures of her perfect body, the lavish layout of the boat and the seas as far as the lens could see.
“Man, I don’t think anything could make this day any better. I’m so glad I met you.“ Her voice cracked as she walked over to him sitting on the bench admiring her. She placed her knee in between his legs to give him a kiss when she felt the boat slow down suddenly. They were casually floating in the middle of the sea as she straddled him.
“I’m glad you enjoyin’ yourself baby, you hungry?” he asked just as the sound of footsteps approached.
“Dinner is served!” Gina heard a voice announce. She turned around and was stunned at who greeted her. It was a beautiful caramel colored woman wearing a skin-tight maxi dress that hugged all the way to her ankles. She wore gold 6-inch mule sandals. She peeped their surprising guest from head to toe and confusion felt her body.
“Oh, you startled me, I thought we were alone,” Gina adjusted herself to sit up just in case anyone else came walking out.
“Sorry baby you didn’t ask, but this is Yani, this is her boat, she was actually driving,” Nathan answered as he gazed down at his phone. The exotic looking woman stood there with her bow logged stance holding a silver plate full of goodies.
“I no mean to scurr you, baby,“ she began talking in an almost indecipherable West Indian accent. “This mi boat, this mi guy for many many years, I bring you lunch special made by me, Jerk chicken, plantains, cabbage, and rice baby.” Her eyes darted back and forth from the beautiful woman to her man.
“Thank you Yani,“ He gave her a big grin and grabbed the tray from her. She grabbed his elbow in a friendly manner and locked eyes with him. They smiled at each other, then Gina as she disappeared back down the stairs.
The two enjoyed their seaside feast as they grubbed on the food, even having seconds.
“This is just what I needed,“ Gina exclaimed as she finished the last drop of her champagne. It was barely noon and the two were both drunk from the champagne they had been drinking all morning.

“I wish you weren’t playing with that phone so we can really enjoy ourselves,” Her voice got lower as she began to fidget with her bikini string. She opened and closed her legs playfully, making sure Nat got a glimpse of her perfectly trimmed privacy each time he looked at her. When she saw him licking his lips, she knew what she was in store for a treat.
“Yea, you been eager all morning, huh baby? Let me take care of that.“ Nat stood up and exposed his rock hard 10 inches as he dropped his phone next to him. Her body began to shake as he walked closer to her. “You know I love you right?” he whispered, reaching down to grab her foot. He leaned her back on the bench and took her soft toes into his mouth one by one. Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. “Uhhh,“ a quick moan escaped from her lips. She raised her hips up to maneuver herself so she would be comfortable. He rubbed on her legs and let his lips trace their way up her shin and toward her thighs. “Gina, you got to be the coolest person I’ve ever met baby, I don’t know where I’d be without you.“ He spoke to her between planting kisses on her smooth body. Before she could answer, he attacked her soft pussy through her bikini bottoms. He chewed on both lips like she was a pink starburst. He used his tongue to push her panties to the side so he could explore her more thoroughly. She laid back in complete silence as he pleasured her body in ways he had never done before.

She lifted herself on her elbows so she could watch him as she took care of her. Nat took a sip of champagne and let it slowly dribble down onto her throbbing pussy lips. Her legs shuddered as each drop landed. Nat always took his time when it came to pleasing her. He caressed her body while he used his lips to kiss on her skin. He continued to dive into her sweetness as he felt her body bucking back and forth underneath him.

Damn, this nigga must have been dying for me!” her mind raced as she couldn’t believe how well he was eating her. He sucked her clit with so much force, yet it was the perfect amount of pressure to make her squirm with satisfaction. There were no teeth, all lips and tongue, just how she liked it. He tossed her tiny body onto her stomach when he felt her muscles clenching to climax.
“Uh uhn, not so fast baby girl,” He whispered as he began to play with her from the back. He loved to make her shine a squirm for the dick. He accomplished his goal quickly today as she already had tears in her eyes begging him for it.
“Please Nat, Please,”’ she tried to lift her body up so she can grab his dick, but he slapped her hands away with force as he used one hand to hold her hips to the bench.
“Unt uh, don’t get up,” He responded as he continued to devour the young girl from behind.
“You gone be mine forever?” he quizzed as he continued to play with her pussy with his hand. He began to kiss her slender torso and lick up to her neck while whispering to her still.
“Say it… Tell me you’re mine!”
“I’m yours, I’m all yours,” Gina was out of breath and could hardly compose herself. She could feel her body going limp; then he stopped….

Gina’s body wiggled like a snake as she whined for him to continue. “Bay,” she yelled out using her hips to search for his mouth. Gina opened her eyes and sat up to find something that she couldn’t believe. Nat was on one knee with a 2-carat diamond ring in his hand. Gina’s mind was racing. They had been dating for about 5 months, but she had no idea he loved her enough to make her his wife.
“Nat, what is this?” Her face was bright with joy as she searched for an answer.
“Gina, I need you forever, you got to be my wife, please?” he asked the question so genuinely. She saw the smirk on his face and her heart did a backflip.
“I love you,” She said as she scooted towards him and shoved her tongue down his throat. She kissed him passionately and pulled him on top of her. She pulled his dick from his pants and pulled him inside of her in one quick stroke. “Mmmm,” he grunted when he felt her warm opening. “Damn ma, this home!” He exclaimed. Nat filled up all the space in her tight walls and it made her cream on his dick in seconds. They both looked at their genitals in amazement as their smooth, creamy flesh rubbed against each others.
“I love you, I love you!” Gina chanted the words over and over as she felt his strong legs grinding in and out of her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she felt herself climaxing with Nat.
“Baby, you gone be mine?” he begged her to answer as he thrust in and out of her soft body.
“I’m about to cum baby!”
“I love you. I’m yours NAT!” He felt so good inside her walls she had no choice but to oblige. She felt his huge dick fill up with semen as it shot into her pussy like a fire hose. The veins in his dick were throbbing against her sensitive walls.  Her body shivered as he placed soft kisses on her. The two laid on the boat for the next two hours just enjoying each other until it was time to get back to reality. Once the boat got back to dry land, they drove the three hours back down to Los Angeles, watching the sunset along the way. She stayed in a small suburb of urban LA, Watts, and he lived in Brentwood, with the rich folks. They came from two different worlds, but she finally had the opportunity to live in his. When they pulled up at his house to get her car, he looked over at her.
“I can’t wait to be with you forever, we need to work on getting you moved in,” he kissed the back of her hand and adjusted her ring for her. He stared, waiting for a response.
“Just tell me when to get packed,” she answered, still staring at the ring.
“I wish you could stay here right now,” Nat gazed at her with affection.
“I know baby, but you had me all weekend, my girls are going to kill me if I don’t show up for this birthday surprise they have planned.” He agreed and pinched her cheek with a wink. After transferring her bags to her car and helping her in, he made her promise to text as soon as she made it to her apartment.
She smashed down the 405-freeway blasting Erykah Badu in her brand-new speakers. “Back to life,“ she said aloud once she made her exit from the 105 freeway. She maneuvered the backstreets and pulled up to her townhouse. She sat in the car for a second and said a silent prayer. She admired her ring and smiled as a tear fell from her face.
“Get it together, bitch!” She winked at herself as she spoke the words of wisdom to her reflection in the mirror. She text Nat while she was walking to her front door.  Gina had the time of her life for her birthday. She had a man who wanted nothing but the best for her and he wanted to make her his. “Good, see you later Doll face.” She read the text on her screen and grinned from ear to ear. She was floating on air. She stuck her key in the door and could hardly contain her energy when she was greeted.

When she walked into the house, the aroma of her favorite meal crept up her nostrils. She could hear the salmon soft simmering on the grill. Her favorite playlist played softly as she noticed someone behind the door.
“Davon!” You scared me, boy. She playfully hit her live-in boyfriend of 5 years. “You play so much! It smells amazing in here, I missed you!” she wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her onto his waist.
“How was your trip, baby?” he kissed her forehead and slowly placed her back on the ground. He hurried over to the stove to finish preparing her meal.
“You just in time to close out your birthday. I got your Pepper Crusted salmon, asparagus, lemon rice, and my home-made biscuits.” He had the whole setup laid out perfectly. There were a dozen tulips on the dinner table that was lined with candles. It brought a tear to her eye to know how much he loved her.
“I missed you so much, handsome,” she said as she took a seat at the table. She pressed the fresh flowers against her nose and enjoyed the sweet smell. Davon joined her with two fully made plates.
“How was your trip?” he quizzed. “You got anything for me?” He grinned and exposed his deep dimple.
She pulled her phone from her purse and showed him the screen.
“5,000 eh? You must have really made his ass fall in love with you. That’s my girl.” Davon grinned as he cut into his food.
“He’s a sucka, you the only man I’ll ever love.” She admitted as she leaned over the table and kissed his cheek. She took off the diamond ring and slid it across the table for him to inspect.
“You better.” Davon winked at the love of his life, thankful that she was willing to go so hard for him.
“He asked me to marry him, D,” she said with a straight face.
There was silence from them both, then D announced, “Good, we tryna get this money.” He placed the ring on the table as the two continued to plot on Nat and his fortune. They locked eyes and he winked at her. “I love you, G.”

She smiled, feeling content, and enjoyed the rest of her birthday.


Love yourself.



Point blank.

Before you expect anything from anyone, make sure you are willing to give yourself that same energy. Never let history determine how things end. Take control and create what you deserve for your life. Fuck all the bullshit.




Today I was a few minutes late to work. Working downtown LA, I decided to take the train instead of sitting on the 110 freeway for sixty minutes just to travel ten miles. Today, however, that may have been a sufficient alternate to the train. Not only has the summer been showing out this week with record breaking weather, it decided to make an early cameo this morning. By the time I was on the train, and I’m no meteorologist, I’m sure it was at least 100 degrees. If it wasn’t being packed on a train with dozens of other people made it feel that way. With that being said, the wonderful train conductor decided to keep all the air for himself, leaving the patrons to fight for whatever clean air was left on the train. After what seemed like an eternity, I survived and made it to work . I immediately began to complain about the train when I got off, though. I found myself talking shit until I got all the way up to the surface streets. In one instant though, I remembered a time when I didn’t have the means or a reason to come downtown. I am grateful to save gas by driving (or in this case, getting dropped off by my magnificent husband) to the train station and getting escorted to the place that provides for my family. I am so grateful to have that alone time to reflect on my night and mentally prepare for the day . Sitting in traffic would give me awful anxiety and even caused my mood to be tampered once I was finally out of it. I am grateful that I am in the position to save gas, time and my insanity by getting some much needed me time in the mornings.


Ya’ Smell Me?


To be honest, I would have never used the term grateful when referring to a smell. Smelling something just comes as a second nature, like hearing a sound or seeing a bird fly by. I witness the action, but I don’t actively acknowledge it. With that being said, one smell that I will be eternally grateful for is the smell of a home-cooked meal. Let me be more specific. The smell of a home cooked meal prepared in my home, by myself. This time last year, I didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. A lot of you don’t know that , for many reasons. The main one being it wasn’t anyone’s business. Mostly, I was ashamed. Who wants to admit that they can’t provide for themselves? I didn’t admit it, I took it in stride, with the smell of stale fast food for a three month period. When I finally found a place, I told myself that I would never eat fast food again. While I may have  bent the rules a little bit after a long day, I am proud to say that I cook a hot meal at least 6 days a week, in the comfort of my own home. The smell of freshly seasoned food has made me more grateful for the fact that I have a home than anything else. Some days, I will literally cook a full meal just to let the aroma soothe my soul, make plates for everyone else, then put the food away on an empty stomach. The smell of a home-cooked meal is unparalleled to any other smell I can think of at the moment. I am truly grateful.

Malik & Dayna


Malik and Dayna were absolutely head over heels for each other in no time. They were literally polar opposites, but somehow, they found a way to make everything work out in a way that made everyone happy.

“In two miles, exit onto Laurel Canyon Blvd,” The navigation system interrupted the music blasting through the speakers of the car as the couple dashed through the streets on their weekend escapade.
“We got here pretty quick,” Dayna announced through her perfectly painted pink pouty lips. She had her hair straightened and it hung down to her belt buckle. She wore a skin-tight red strapless dress and tan strappy toe heels to keep the outfit simple yet sexy as hell. She passed the blunt to Malik as they listened for the next part of the directions.
“Man, just turn the bitch off and read the directions, she keeps interrupting the fucking song, ‘I don’t want you to gih you the wrong impressionnnnnnn‘!” Malik jokingly mocked the future song that was playing in the car. Malik and Dayna were on their way to a birthday celebration for their mutual friends. The two realized, very quickly into the relationship that they shared a love of partying and having fun. Although they were polar opposites, she was very quiet and shy while Malik was the life of the party; the two had a balance that no one could understand. The duo looked perfect tonight; it was the middle of the summer, so Dayna was able to show off her body and. She had her body oiled up with St. Ives lotion and Cocoa butter gel to let her skin glow in the moonlight. Her face was so pure and hardly had any makeup on it, just some pink lipstick, mascara and a little bit of Nars orgasm blush to add a dramatic effect. She wore big diamond stud earrings that sat bright in her ears behind her long cascading hair.
“Nigga, you need to let Future sing his shit and not butcher the homie art like that” Dayna joked as she admired her man singing the song with one hand on the wheel and the other caressing her chin.
“I want love and affection,” the playful and inebriated boy kept singing at this point enamored by the beauty of his girl. He locked eyes with her as he jokingly serenaded her and realized that she was truly the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on. “OK, I’ma shut up, but when you see me on the dance floor tonight singing to the old bitches, don’t come try to be in my face, ok?” Malik jokingly asked knowing he would be dancing all night and the only people who would tolerate him were their friends hilarious older aunts. “Ok daddy, you can sing to me, since you love me so much,” Dana smirked art her man as thoughts of pleasuring him right in the car entered her mind. “How much further is it?” Malik quizzed about the venue as he wanted to smoke another blunt before they went inside. Before he could mention the blunt out loud, he heard his girl breaking down a white owl and adding weed to the grinder. “The real MVP,” he thought to himself.

“It says we only about 10 minutes away, just go straight up and turn at the light, did you wanna wait to park to smoke?” Dayna questioned her handsome man and she looked up into his perfect brown eyes. She couldn’t believe how good he was looking tonight. He had just got a new haircut and the lineup was out of this world. He wore a crisp white tee shirt and some khaki colored jeans with fresh white air force ones. He wore a gold watch on one wrist and a gold link bracelet on the other wrist. His big diamond earrings fit perfectly on his well-chiseled face. His cologne was Issey Miyake and the pheromones secreting from him had put Dayna completely in the mood. She licked her tongue out of her mouth as she thought of the things she wanted to do to him and the little amount of time they had.
“Spark it beautiful,” Malik stated breaking her trance As soon as she heard the command, it was time for her to start her show. She turned the music up to capacity and let her seat back a little bit. She lit the blunt and hit it once, then passed it to her man. “You don’t wanna smoke?” Malik asked confused as to why his girl passed the blunt so soon. “I wanna smoke another pipe.” Dayna started with the look in her eyes. The look that Malik knew all too well; she wanted some dick. She unbuckled her seat belt and positioned her knees in the chair so her ass was facing toward the window. She stretched over the middle console and licked him on his neck, careful not to smear her lips on his new t-shirt. “My baby so fucking nasty, I love that shit,” Malik thought and grinned knowing he would have a happy ending before his night even started. He helped Dayna unbuckle his belt as she positioned herself over his lap. He grabbed her hair back for her while using his knee to steer the car. Once his pants were down and Dayna was situated, it was time to start the party. He hit his blunt with one hand, controlled the car with his knee, and used his free hand to smack Dayna on her ass that was literally facing the ceiling. The impact of the hit made Dayna moan while he was still in her mouth. She spit on his manhood and shoved the entire thing into her mouth. She moaned and gagged on it the way he liked it. She knew just how he liked it, and more importantly, how to make him climax seeing as how they had somewhere to be in less than 20 minutes. She continued up and down on him like a professional, careful not to ruin her hair, makeup or his clothes. She could feel him rubbing her pussy from the back and that turned her on even more. Malik was in heaven and could feel himself getting higher from the mixture of drugs and amazing sex. “Baby I fucking love you!” Malik exclaimed as he cruised down the street noticing he was pulling up on the venue soon. He turned down a back street and parked the car so his girl could get her groove going. “Here baby hit this for daddy,” Malik commanded handing the young girl the burning blunt. She lifted her head and smiled and she pushed her hair out of her face and sat back to take a quick break. Malik reached over and pushed her seat back and demanded she lifts her leg up. Never one to argue, she obliged and proceeded to get the best 2-minute head any girl can ask for. He tongue kissed her clit like he was in love with it. He planted big juicy kisses on her as he played with her nipples through her thin dress. “Get out the car,” he whispered to her. She opened her door and walked around to the hood of the car. He bent her over and lifted the back of her dress up. “Wait Leek, someone might see us!“ She whined realizing they were parked in a residential neighborhood. “Fuck them, you mine,” he answered in a serious, yet sexy tone. Dayna could not resist. She bent over and let him enter her right outside and she loved it. After less than ten strokes, Malik reached his climax, pulled his thick dick out, and shot his load onto the ground in front of the car. She went to the car and reached in the back to grab her overnight bag where she had wipes. She wiped herself off and gave one to Malik.
“Leek, you a perv.” She giggled at him as he sat back in the driver seat and adjusted his clothes. Dayna grabbed her lipstick as she concentrated in the mirror to make sure there was no evidence of her actions written on her face.
“Yea I am, but that’s coo baby cause you like it,” Malik responded with a huge grin. He knew Dayna adored him and his exhibitionist ways. He had taught her so much about herself sexually that she had no intention of learning. He showed her what it meant to be sexy and love yourself and be appreciated by a man who adores you. “Boy, you know I love you so much. You wanna finish this blunt?” she asked realizing they put it out halfway through their session.
“Spark it mami,” Leek responded as he grabbed the flask from the glove compartment and took a swig of the warm contents.
“Woo!” he shouted after the liquor made its way into his system. He passed the flask to his girl as they finished the blunt and contemplated on the party. “I’m so glad we decided to get a room out here,” Dayna started “I’m already drunk and I am not tryna drive home at all”.

“Man hell yea, I been needed a little getaway anyway” Malik agreed with his girl realizing they were always at home. Once the blunt was out, Malik started the car as it peeled off down the street. They were less than two minutes from the party. As the two were pulling up, they surveyed the crowd for familiar faces. “Oh shit, Janny came out with his new little bitch” Malik joked noticing a friend of his with a new girl. “Oh, I didn’t realize he had a girl,” Dayna responded trying to be nosey and see who their friend was with.
The couple parked, took one last look at them in the car mirror and headed into the party like nothing happened.

My Baby.



“Baby, answer your phone!” Evelyn tossed in the bed as her husband’s phone vibrated uncontrollably on the nightstand. She hopped up to find him dead as a doorknob  with a bottle of vodka next to him. He worked all day and came home and found his comfort at the bottom of his Tito’s bottle. Evelyn grabbed the phone and attempted to silence it. As soon as she reached for it, another text came through. This time, there was a preview of a photo. Her heart dropped when she realized the naked body on the screen was not hers. Her body was straight up at attention as she vigorously unlocked the phone and started to scroll. She couldn’t believe her eyes. The number had been sending dozens of pictures and messages to her husband over the past few weeks. The more horrifying part was that he was responding. Every picture was the busty woman in sexy lingerie or in a compromising position. Evelyn immediately grew insecure when she looked down at the sweatpants she adorned with matching tee shirt. Tears welled up her eyes as she read her husband’s responses to the pictures;

“Oh damn baby, that’s just what I needed. I wish you could be laying here with me, I’d love to put a baby in you.”

With each word she read, Evelyn’s heart got heavier and heavier. She looked over at her husband sleeping and wanted to scream. She couldn’t believe her eyes. He adored the woman on the phone. He told her how she knew what he wanted and how she was a sight for sore eyes. He reassured her that she pleased him; things he hadn’t told Evelyn in months.

Evelyn could feel her head spinning and she darted to the restroom to throw up. Her nerves came flying from the pit of her stomach and into the toilet bowl. She looked in the mirror at her withered hair and baggy clothes. She wept in defeat. Slowly walking back into the room, she could feel her body dragging. The phone was still on the bed going off and she could feel her body shaking all over again.
“Ron, get your ass up!” She swung violently at the young man in a rage. His body didn’t budge. She shoved and pushed as tears fell down her face but his body didn’t move. “Get your stupid ass up! How dare you?!” She was in a rage and her mind was racing! Just when she reached her arm back to hit him one more time, she felt her body being jerked backward. She turned around and the room was spinning.
“What’s wrong with you?!” she heard his voice and was confused.
“Huh?” Evelyn looked around as she realized she was having an awful nightmare.
“I just got in and you were yelling,” he began, “I heard you in here from the kitchen. You ok?”
The smile on his face was brighter than the sun itself. Her eyes were watery and he immediately knew something was wrong. She looked down at her raggedy sweatpants and t-shirt and wanted to scream.
“Yea, how was work?” Evelyn tried desperately to play off the nightmare she just created in her head.
“It was tough, I’m about to knock this bottle back and get some shut eye.”
He stepped out of his clothes and began to drink straight from the huge bottle. Evelyn’s eyes got wide when she spotted the Tito’s Vodka bottle identical to the one she had dreamed about. She decided to go take a long shower to clear her mind. She smoked the rest of a joint she already had in the ashtray and let the hot water ease her nerves.
Staring into the foggy mirror, Evelyn tried to calm herself, “Ev, get it together ma, just be cool.” She took two deep breaths and made her way back to her bed. In the thirty minutes she spent in the shower, her husband had drunk half the bottle of liquor and passed out. The déjà vu was killing her. She would have kept her hands to herself if she didn’t hear the phone vibrating. Allowing her insecurities to consume her, she snatched the phone off the nightstand and began to snoop.
“I know I’m not crazy,” she whispered as her fingers raced. She didn’t know what she was looking for, but she knew she would find something. The beads of sweat were causing her hands to slip on the screen. She went through messages, social media, and even emails. She was making herself sick. After 45 minutes of snooping, She was ready to put the phone down; then a text came in:
The message read with the initial SP. Her heart pounded heavily as she clicked the notification to find a hidden conversation between Ron and his friends. She immediately grew calm until she scrolled up and saw her man being ridiculed.
At least I can get some pussy every night nigga!
-Ahhhh, that’s why I knew I was never getting married. I need pussy as soon as I ask for it, I’m sorry bro, But you got your hands
-Fuck you, niggas!
-Ahhh, nigga, next time don’t be yelling so damn loud you know I ain’t got no girl, I need some business shit nigga
The text messages made her feel terrible and her stomach began to turn all over again. She knew the exact conversation his friend was referring to. They hadn’t slept together in over a week, which was highly unusual for the couple. She called him once during their weekly basketball game and had the conversation. He accused her of cheating since she refused to have sex. Deep down though, he knew she wasn’t. She had no clue his friends heard the entire exchange. Their insecurities had gotten the best of them both and they forgot how to simply enjoy each other. She tossed the phone down and exhaled a weight of relief through her nostrils. Tears rolled down as she cracked a huge smile.
“Get it together, girl!” She announced as she gently climbed out of bed and tiptoed toward her bathroom. Within minutes, she emerged as a new woman with freshly wet curls from her shower and silky smooth skin. She adorned a teddy she bought years ago for Valentine ’s Day that she never wore because she fell asleep that night. She put on some clear lip gloss to accent her already defined lips. A splash of Gucci Bamboo topped her delicious look. She was even impressed at how easily a few details could change her look.
“Honey, wake up!” She yelled as she appeared in the room with a glass of ice water. When Ron didn’t respond, she continued, “Baby!” His body shook as he lay there drunk on the bed. “Ugh!” Evelyn bit her lip in both annoyance and excitement. She knew once he woke up she was in for some of the best dick of her life; drunk devil dick.
“Wassup baby?” his voice was muffled by the pillow beneath his face. “I need some water please,” he announced like clockwork.
“Here baby,” before he could lift up, she was shoving the glass in his face. She knew him so well. “Turn around baby, I need you.” Ron’s face was still towards the pillow as he took two huge gulps of water.
When he finally adjusted his eyes, his body jerked in surprise at his girl. She looked like a movie star standing in front of him with her body glistening. She had on the earrings he bought her two years prior for her birthday that she never wore claiming they were too flashy. Her pouty lips immediately made his dick stand at attention.
“Damn.” Ron’s excitement couldn’t be concealed as a pleasure read through his entire body. “You looking good doll face.” He grabbed his dick as he eyed his wife from head to toe.
She didn’t waste any time attacking her man. She knew exactly what he liked and never had a problem delivering. She crawled over to him with her ass in the air. “Lay back,” Her soft voice commanded his presence as he got comfortable for the show. She loved to suck his dick until he moaned. It made her feel like she was really pleasing him. She reached over and placed an ice cube in her mouth as she slowly entered him in, inch by inch. “Oh my God!” Rons words fell on deaf ears as she continued to devour him like she was starving. Without stopping, she let her lips reach all the way to his pubic hair as she started to moan aloud. He knew she was enjoying herself which turned him on even more. She wound her hips in the air while she bobbed her pretty head in his lap. He used one hand to massage her neck and the other to rub on her soft body while she danced for him. Ron was in heaven as the rhythm of her head matched his continuous moans. Her tight lips almost brought him to his climax so he grabbed her shoulders.
“Oh hell nah, you gone get some dick tonight!”
Her eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store as she knew that she was in store for a treat. He used his firm grip to maneuver her hips onto his face. He tongue kissed her clit softly until she started to cream on his chin. He body shook for a few seconds before he shoved her down onto his rock hard dick. She took every inch of a G as tears welled up in her eyes.
“Baby!” she exclaimed, immediately feeling her climax coming. Ron’s firm grip commanded her hips up and down on him as he concentrated on her body.
“Baby, I’m about to come!” Evelyn couldn’t believe she had bounced on him for 20 seconds and already her body couldn’t take it. “How do you do this to me?!” she yelled out as her body clenched up in ecstasy. Immediately falling limp, her soft skin laid on Ron as he continued to move vigorously underneath her.
“I cant move,” she whispered in his ear.
He chuckled in victory as he tossed the young girl on her stomach. He liked to take control when he was drunk and she knew that.
“You thought you were gone fuck daddy huh? Nah, I got you ma! I got you!” He pounded into her soft flesh with pleasure, loving each stroke.
“You take dick so good baby, I love you so much!“ Ron’s body was ready to explode in ecstasy. He had been fantasizing about his girl ever since they stopped making love. He was going to make sure that she remembered tonight why she fell in love with him.

He showed her no mercy as he continued to sweat and put her body into positions that she didn’t know she could reach.
“I love you so much, girl !” Ron yelled out as he shot his load into his girl.
“Oh my God!” Ev yelled in both pleasure and shock. “Baby, did you nut inside of me?” she quizzed, still out of breath.
Already in the bathroom grabbing a warm rag, he peaked his head in the door and grinned.
“Yes, I did because I want you to have my baby, Ev.” His voice was so calm like he was positive that he loved her.
“What?“ Tears rolled down her face as each word hit her heart. She loved Ron more than anything, and he knew how badly she wanted to be a mother and wife to him.
“I love you baby!” she ran to the doorway and jumped into his arms as relief washed over her body.
“I love you, baby.” Ron held her in his arms and walked her to the bedroom where he rubbed her belly all night, praying for the life they created.


Show Me What You Got


Chanel had the kind of beauty that commanded attention. When she walked into the restaurant, Anthony had to place his hand over his pants to conceal his excitement.  He couldn’t believe he had decided to go on a blind date after being single for a whole year. When he saw the beauty cascading through the room with all eyes on her, he knew he made the right choice.

“Damn”, he said under his breath as he swiftly stood to his feet to walk towards his conquest.

“Chanel?” he grinned from ear to ear recognizing the skin tight grey dress she described in their texts. She was very discreet about her looks and Anthony understood why. There was no way a description or a picture could do her beauty any justice.

“Hi, Anthony.” she smiled, clearly impressed by the man in front of her. He was right under 6 feet, which was the perfect match for her 5-foot frame. Her plump lips parted as her soft voice escaped and stole Anthony’s heart. “Pleasure meeting you,” she cooed with a bright smile.

He helped her into her seat and sat across the table form her in complete amazement.

“Is there a problem?” she asked after 15 seconds of his stare not breaking. She could tell that he was into her, but she had no idea of how much.

“You must forgive me, your beauty is really entrancing me,” he answered in a monotone voice trying not to sound desperate as he took a sip of his drink.

“I ordered you a champagne, it should be here any second”. A smile came across his face when he said the statement as the two began to chuckle in unison.

“Oh, you remember I like champagne?” she grinned recalling a conversation they had via text where she described a drunken encounter that involved a bottle of bubbly.

“Well yea, I remember you telling me the last time you had some you were drunk as a skunk but had the time of your life.  So you know I ordered the bottle when I showed up,” Anthony said as she blared out in laughter. The two had been texting for two months and grew very close. Chanel’s cousin was one of Anthony’s distributors at his shop and the two grew close over the years. Harold’s little cousin was coming home from being in school and he knew she was eager to date someone new. Anthony had proven time again that he was as solid as they came so when Harold offered to introduce the two, he obliged.  Harold was never a hater and only wanted the people around him to win, so Anthony trusted his friend.

“Oh, so now you trying to get me to act a fool? I told you that story in confidence” she laughed and scanned her menu trying to decide.

“Nah baby doesn’t act a fool, just be your self.  Do you know what you’re going to order yet?” Anthony quizzed as he couldn’t help but admire her beauty. “Oh, you rushing me now?”

“No ma’am just wanna make sure I take good care of you tonight. Can’t have you out here with a nigga and you hungry. What kind of man would I be? I gotta make a good impression, you might want to fall in love with a nigga.” Anthony locked eyes with her and winked slyly.

“Oh well, in that case, I think I’ll just take the veggie lasagna with a side of asparagus and brown rice,” Chanel answered. As she closed her menu, the waiter appeared with his pad in hand.

“What can I get you this evening Mr. Strong.?” the bony waiter uttered as he tried to focus on his first night. Everyone at the restaurant knew Anthony and made sure he understood how important it was that he made a good impression when he sat in his section.

“Hey, champ,” he started, “The lady will have the veggie lasagna with a side of asparagus, and I’ll take the wild salmon and rice, and could you please add mushroom for me?” Anthony grabbed her menu from her hands and handed it to the waiter before she could even open her mouth to request anything. “Did you need anything else to drink, water, soda?”

“I’ll take an ice water as well please” she grinned.

“Two glasses of water…with lemon.” Anthony smiled and winked at Chanel.

“You are something else in person aren’t you?” Chanel admired how free his spirit was and she loved it. After only interacting with each other via text, the two of them had developed a very playful relationship. They enjoyed each others sense of humor and thought process. Putting faces to the personalities was the icing on the cake for Anthony. Chanel was only in town for a month while school was out. She had just gotten back and was staying at the Marriott in Manhattan beach since her Uncle was the manager. She figured she might as well fake a luxury vacation at a resort since she was a struggling college student.

The two enjoyed their night as they discussed books, movies, sports and even music. “Are you one of those illustrious Lebron haters?” Anthony snapped at Chanel as she attempted to disrespect the King.

“Man, yall not about to keep hating on this ma, he’s fucking great ok? That it that’s all!”

“He ain’t no mamba, that’s all I’ma say!” Chanel answered as she dropped her fork and crossed her arms at him.

The two gazed at each other and felt the undeniable chemistry.

“So whats next?” Chanel asked as he took a final sip of her champagne. She gripped the bottle to pour another glass but was shocked to find they emptied it.

“Damn, we must be in here having a good time,” she said as she emptied their third champagne bottle.

“Mhmm, you in here ready to show your ass talking about Bron Bron,” Anthony answered as he grabbed his wallet from his pocket.

“You trying to go dancing? I know a spot in Santa Monica that has dope music and they’re open late. It’s not too far from here.” Anthony laid out the details and made it impossible for her to say no.

“Sounds great to me, mind if I ride with you? I had to catch an Uber here”

“Of course you can baby girl, I hope you don’t have a curfew”. He stood and motioned for her to join him as they exited the restaurant, He placed his hand on the small of her back she guided her to the hostess desk as he dropped eight hundred dollar bills on the table and walked out casually.

The two made their way to the car as Chanel slowly walked in front of Anthony to show off her figure.

“I’m gonna have to buy this nigga something,” he thought to himself about Harold. The young woman in front of him was drop dead gorgeous. Her perfect frame was outlined by a hip-hugging dress that fit her down to her knees. Her toes looked perfect underneath the straps of her Steve Madden pumps. Anthony was a footman and loved to see a woman who took care of herself. Her sleek ponytail draped down her back and her face was set off with a pair of diamond studs and some pink gloss.

“Let me get the door for you beautiful,” he motioned as he sped up to grab the handle of the car door.  The two sped out of the parking lot and headed to their destination.

“I couldn’t wait to get out of that building and ease my mind, I hate that smoking is illegal indoors,” Anthony said as he retrieved a fat backwood stuffed with the best Cali Kush from his ashtray.

“Nice!” Chanel mentioned she noticed the fat blunt. She knew its just what she needed to level out since they drank an entire bottle of champagne in about 40 minutes. The two passed the weed back and forth as they let the sounds of Future blare through the speakers of Anthony’s Tahoe.

“Damn, this line is long as fuck, Chanel mentioned as they crept up to the nightclub he suggested.

“Damn, someone must be performing right, they never ever this damn crowded. It is only 10, so there’s no way you getting rid of me this quick girl, what else you into?” Anthony asked, refusing to cut his night with the beautiful girl.

“I’m down for whatever” Chanel answered as she exhaled the drugs from her lungs. “This is nice, ” she said looking at the blunt. “Well baby girl, when you get to pick your own weed, you make sure you pick the right shit. The joys of being a legal drug dealer.” Anthony decided to drive past the club and head toward the beach.

“Wanna try hookah? There’s a spot near your hotel that’s pretty dope.”

When Chanel agreed, Anthony peeled off down the street as the two continued to puff on the fat blunt. He couldn’t get enough of Chanel’s energy. She was calm and quiet, but her cool demeanor was entrancing. She didn’t complain, she didn’t talk too much, she was beautiful and most of all, she respected his lifestyle.

“You know, most women complain how about how much I smoke. I usually get asked to put the blunt out on dates. That’s probably why its hard for me to get past a second date with most women.” Anthony admitted the words freely as he continued to navigate on the highway.

“Well damn, how in the hell does a woman expect to be with a drug dealer if she hates drugs? Sounds like she just gone try to change you.” The two continued to vibe and discuss their chemistry.

“Well yea, that’s why I appreciate you. I’m almost impressed that you can take big blunts with a big guy like myself. You know I’m like the Wiz of LA” he laughed as he reached in his middle console to grab a new blunt to light.

“I have been a hippie since high school, so this is nothing new to me. It actually put me at ease since it’s my first time seeing you.” Chanel did all she could to conceal her excitement at being around Anthony. Her cousin Harold’s wife had told her many stories about the eligible bachelor. When her cousin agreed to introduce the two of them, she had already seen his entire Instagram page and stalked all of his pictures. She knew that she was going to give him some pussy their first date, but Anthony had no idea. He was trying his hardest to stay calm and impress the beautiful girl. Honestly, he wanted to rip her clothes off and ravage her right in the passenger seat of his car.

The couple pulled up to the Hookah lounge and hopped out the car smelling like a pound of KUSH. Chanel doused some body spray on her neck from her small clutch and handed Antohy the clear eyes and piece of gum.

“Oh you come prepared huh?” he joked noticing her ploy to pretend to be sober.

“I aim to please,” she laughed as the two skipped the line and walked right in the front door of the hookah lounge. Anthony knew the doorman and was able to slide right in past the crowd. The owner of the club came from behind the bar to greet him with a thick Middle Eastern accent ”

“My friend why you didn’t call me? Come, I have small table, don’t be upset”. The middle-aged man motioned the two through the crowd and helped them to the back where he comped a hookah pipe, a bottle of champagne, two glasses of water and a variety of flavors of hookah.

“Please enjoy my friend” he smiled as he admired the ambiance of the table he set up so quickly. “If you need anything, please let me knew” the old man smiled as Anthony extended a handshake with a quarter of weed tucked into a one hundred dollar bill.

Anthony took no time snapping pictures of the beautiful surroundings. “You must be the man huh?” she whispered to the young man. “Something like it,” he smiled as he lit the hookah. They smoked and listened to the sounds of the music for the next two hours as they grilled each other and tried to get all the information possible.

“What, you must be crazy to think that ballet is easy. There is no way in the world you can do ANY Yoga moves!” Chanel argued with Anthony as he tried to explain that he favorite past time hobby wasn’t really an activity.

“Look, I mean yoga is cool, I understand it, but it’s not that tiring. It doesn’t take much from you. All you’re doing is stretching and pointing your little toes.” Anthony smiled as he noticed Channels facial expression change.

“You just like to start fights with me, huh,” she said with a sly grin, causing Anthony to erupt with laughter.

“Ok, last call!” the DJ interrupted their conversation with his deep voice over the speaker.

“OK well miss, I had a great time with you, I m glad we got to meet.”

“Oh, this isn’t over,” she began “I’m going to prove to you that you can’t do it” she challenged, tipsy and faded.

“Just so you know, I never back down from a bet, so whats on the line?” Anthony asked, praying to God that he could talk his way into fucking Chanel. He had been fantasizing about tearing her grey dress right from her frame at the dinner table and turning her into the entree. He kept his thoughts aside and continued to be the gentleman he was.

“I was thinking, I’ll show you some moves, if you cant do them, then you owe me a gift the next time we have a date.”

“Fair enough, and WHEN I win?” he asked with emphasis. The two made their way to the car to drive back to her hotel room. they were less than a mile away so the night was scheduled to end shortly.

“When? Well, I guess you can tell me what you want if you win. You game?” she quizzed calmly.

“Yep, I’m down, so when is this competition commencing? I need to prepare myself.”

“Aint no prep bih!” Chanel yelled out mimicking Plies. “Park this shit and get your ass upstairs so we can see what you working with!” Chanel announced as she hopped out the passenger seat of the car and made her way to the lobby.

Anthony reached in the middle console to grab a tube of weed and a box of condoms he kept there for emergencies. She walked barefoot on the ground as her feet were killing her from the night.

“Oh, let me help you out gorgeous” Anthony announced as he scooped her soft body into his big arms.
“Room 401,” she announced.

Once they were inside, the mood was already set. She left her room completely neat and smelling amazing which was a huge turn on to Anthony. He appreciated a woman who valued cleanliness. She immediately grabbed two clean towels from the cabinet and placed them neatly on the ground.

“You ready?” she asked as she positioned herself in front of the towel.

“Oh hold up baby, Anthony started, “There’s no way in hell you about to get me to do this sober. Let’s break open that bottle right there and let me roll up,” Anthony laughed as he made his way to the counter to grab the half-full bottle of Jose Cuervo. He poured two shots into the disposable cups near the sink. She walked over and took the shot back with him. Anthony could feel his head spinning but tried to keep his cool when he realized how chill Chanel was.

“Damn, don’t let this bitch show you up,” he laughed to himself as he shook his head.

“Oh man, I’m really drunk right now, I don’t know if I can even do my yoga,” Chanel joked as she felt her body stammering.

“Oh its ok, I understand that you may be scared to lose, I get it” Anthony laughed at the young girl as he broke the weed down and rolled it up a like a pro. He rolled three blunts in as many minutes. He was determined to finish the night on a good note.

“Here’s the first pose, ready?” Chanel smiled as she  Anthony acknowledged her with a head nod.

“She bent her body completely forward in the ragdoll position, she continued the sequence with 4 more yoga poses as Anthony gazed at her in amazement. “Damn, her body looks amazing,” Anthony told himself as he tried to conceal his dick behind the counter where he stood.

“Ok, so let’s see if you can do those,” Chanel popped her head up smiling, not realizing that her company was rock hard and trying everything in his power not to fuck her.

“So, you don’t do Yoga with music?” he asked as he noticed a speaker on the counter.

“Oh, if you’re fancy we can add some music, what you like to hear?” Chanel made her way to the speaker and plugged in her phone as she awaited his selection.

“Surprise me,” Anthony grinned as he began to unbutton the top of his shirt. “Good choice.”  Anthony acknowledged the Tory Lanez she let play through the speaker. He noticed she was attentive herself as he had told her he liked Tory Lanez when it was time to wind down.

“Ok, enough stalling you ready?” She lifted her arms above her head slowly as she concentrated on showing him the moves. All Anthony could focus on was her perfectly polished toes and her plump thighs that jiggled as she moved.

He could tell she was drunk because it was hard for her to keep her body from rocking back and forth as she laughed and mimicked the poses for him. He had no intention of mimicking her. Anthony was simply waiting for the perfect moment to creep up behind her and grab her plump ass. He grinned as he lit his blunt and made his way toward her. “Here, take a break,” he said as he bent down to meet her face as he passed her the blunt.

“You’re supposed to be stretching with me,” she laughed as she reached her hand out to grab the blunt. She fell to both knees on the towel and relaxed as she inhaled the joint.

Anthony gripped her chin in his hand and positioned her face to look up at him as he kneeled down next to her.

She felt her panties begin to drip at the touch of his hands. The two gazed at each other as she inhaled the blunt and he pulled her face closer. She let the smoke release into his mouth as she felt her body shiver.

“What are you doing?” she smiled as she quizzed the handsome man. “Exactly what you wanted me to do,” he responded locking eyes with her.

Chanel let out a deep exhale and allowed him to have her. Anthony didn’t waste any time pleasuring the young girl. He was clearly a pro. Chanel closed her eyes and melted into his arms as he pressed his lips up against her collarbone. He felt her body shake softly and he knew he was free to do as he pleased. He motioned her to walk to the middle of the room as she undressed. She obliged as she watched him grab his lighter and light her candle on the nightstand. He opened the blinds to expose the city lights of LA as he viewed her reflection in the mirror.

“You’re beautiful, dance for me,” Anthony stated as he slowly sat on the edge of the bed and puffed his blunt. Never one to be defiant, Chanel let the liquor take its toll and she listened. She stepped out of her tight grey dress and let her bright red thong and bra set be her costume. She rubbed her body to the music as Anthony enjoyed the show. His smooth demeanor caused her to start leaking from her panties. She had never met a man so in command and chill. He never took his eyes from her and kept the same look of pleasure on his face the entire time. Anthony wanted to study her body before he had his way with her.

“Turn around, bend over, let me see that tongue,” the commands flew from his mouth and Chanel obliged each time. With a smile on his face, he knew he had the young girl right where he wanted her. “Now don’t move.” She saw him slowly rise from the couch and made his way to her without blinking. Anthony began to walk in circles around Chanel as he commanded her to “Keep dancing”.

She bent over to place her hands on her thighs so she could shake her ass for him. Just as he saw her ass in the air, he couldn’t take any more. He dropped to his knees and shoved his entire face into her plump cheeks. She immediately came from the warmth of his tongue in her asshole. He used his hand to play with her pussy as the juices dripped off his fingers.

“Oh my god,” Chanel whined out as she continued to poke her ass in the air. Anthony cleaned his plate like it was his last meal as his tongue made its way from her ass to her pussy and back. The two had never even had a conversation about sex in the months of talking, so Chanel was more than pleased to see he could handle his business.

“Oh God I hope his dick feels this good,” she recited a silent prayer to herself as she felt her body climaxing in three short minutes. He planted loud wet kisses on her pussy as he felt her body shake and shiver in ecstasy. When she fell to her knees. He yanked her up by her hips and carried her to the bed while planting kisses on her neck.

“Whats wrong baby?” he asked with a hint of concern in his voice. He kissed her deeply as he shoved two fingers into her wet pussy. “You want me to stop baby?” Anthony smiled as he asked a question he knew the answer to.

“No baby please don’t stop” she whined. “I want some dick please,” Chanel begged Anthony as she gripped the sheets and twisted at his touch.

“How bad you want it?” Anthony stared her right in her eyes as he awaited an answer. Her eye was glazed over from the mixture of drink and weed and Anthony knew she was faded.

“You good ma?” he asked to ensure she understood what was happening. He had too much to lose to be accused of forcing himself on anyone. When she didn’t answer, it almost killed his whole buzz.

Chanel could hear her thoughts but wanted to kick herself when she realized she was too drunk to respond. She hopped up from the bed and ran to the bathroom where she began to throw her dinner up into the toilet. “Fuck” Anthony laughed out loud as he followed behind her with a towel.

“Damn baby, you sick of me”? Anthony laughed as he held back her hair and wiped her body with the towel.

“I’m so embarrassed, I’m sorry.” Chanel’s head hung low in defeat as she got up to wash her face off. Just as she opened her mouth to speak, more vomit came up and she was mortified. Luckily it all made it into the toilet bowl.

Anthony went to the bedside to tell room service to bring up a ginger ale for her. By the time she was finished in the bathroom, she joined him on the bed and curled up in a ball. He poured her drink into a glass cup and made sure she was tucked in like a baby.

“It’s too late, please stay the night so you don’t have to drive, I feel awful,” Chanel admitted with her eyes half open.

“Oh I wasn’t going anywhere, I’m tired as hell” he joked as he removed the rest of his clothes.  “And you better not try to do no nasty stuff to me while I’m sleeping,” he said as he yanked the cover from his back. He had a trashcan setup on the side of Chanel and laid a wet towel on the nightstand.

Chanel giggled with her eyes closed as she mustered up the energy to speak. “You must drink a lot,” she said referring to the recovery station he had for her.

“This ain’t my first rodeo baby, you just focus on sleeping and getting your mind right, good night.” Before he could grab his phone from his pocket he could hear her snores in his ear.

Anthony shook his head and laughed to himself. He went all out to make sure he made the perfect night for the young lady. He liked her so much and was thrilled to meet her in person and still vibe. He smiled at the sight of her exhausted face drooling on the pillow. He smiled and let his eyes close while he drifted off into a slumber.

Chanel’s body jerked awoke after an hour of deep slumber. She looked over at Anthony knocked out with his shirt off and felt humiliated. She rushed to the bathroom to wash her face and rinse her mouth out.

“Omg, I gotta make this right” she laughed to herself as she recounted the night before. She noticed the sun slowly peaking through her blinds and she took a quick shower to wake herself up. She oiled her body up, fixed her hair and sprayed perfume on herself. Once she saw she looked perfect, she placed her heels on and click-clacked loudly across the marble floor. Anthony’s eyes squinted as the loud noises startled his sleep. He awoke with a huge smile on his face to find Chanel ass hole naked in her heels holding cup of orange juice, a blunt and some Tylenol.

“Good morning,” Anthony whispered as he sat up and grabbed the cup form her.

“It’s about to be a great morning” Chanel grinned as she crawled on top of him and laid her head in his lap. “Lay Back”.

Chanel gave the instruction with authority as she tugged at his pants. She reached inside to feel the prize and almost passed out when she felt what was in her hands. She saw his dick print last night but thought she was drunk when it seemed abnormally large. Her body shivered when she realized her fist wouldn’t close around the girth of his dick. The two locked eyes and Anthony smiled in defeat.

“Come on, show me what you got” he grinned as he admired her.

“I got you” she responded as she accepted the challenge and took him slowly, inch by inch, into her mouth.